Getting Stuff Done and Why 83.33 is a Magic Number

Hessian Regiment Von Bose by Old Glory
At 40 figures, it’s a big ‘un

February is mostly gone. Not a lot of gaming, but a little bit. Even so, it’s been a fun month. I’ve reconnected with a couple of old friends down here in Pierce County. Kurt and Scott are friends from the old days of Escape Velocity and Fire and Steel Napoleonics. They are newly retired and they want to play some games. I aim to please.

They introduced me to a game of SAGA and not shockingly I’ve ordered the rules and some Norse Gael figures. It’s my reinvestment of my nibble from our tax return. In return I ran a Mexican War game using Rebels and Patriots and introduced them to David Sullivan and Michael Koznarsky. It’s important they meet the right people.

So I’ve done a little bit of gaming, but not a lot. Tomorrow we’ll meet at Dave Schueler’s house to walk through rules for the Battle of Lissa. But after that it’s going to be light. March is full of journalism conventions, vacations and Lorri’s big knee surgery. So it might be kind of thin until April. Maybe not. We’ll see.

But there is always time for painting. And so February is a great painting month. I’ve painted a little of everything this month. A lot of Maxmilian figures, a really big AWI unit, and even a handful of Games Workshop LOTR orcs. Scott is also interested in The Lord of The Rings figures and it just so happens I have a stash of them. In any case, I’m sitting at 76 painted figures. But I have another 36 Foundry Imperial Mexican figures I think I might be able to finish by the 28th. That would give me 112 figures on the month. Two of the three twelve-figure units are on the table and under way, so it is hardly out of the question. There might even be a little bit of wiggle room for another ten orcs.

This begins to shape up into something special. I’m looking at the magic number of 83.33. That’s the number of figures one would have to average each month to paint 1,000 figures for the year. I’ve always wished I could finish 1,000 in a year, but never had a real shot. Just to be clear, I did 102 in January and if I did get 112 done in February that would be a good head start. Long way to go of course. I’ll lose a week of March to vacation, so that makes things harder. But with me filling in as Lorri’s Nurse Ratchet, I may have some extra focus on painting stuff.

Something I’m considering: March may be The Month of the Horsemen–all cavalry all the time. Might throw a monkey wrench in the 100 figure months.

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