A January Recap

I hope you’ll indulge me my monthly recounting of what I’ve gotten done. January was a good month for painting, not a great month for games. The cold weather and Omicron really made it tough to get together. Four of us met at Dave Schueler’s house for a naval game as part of Dave’s Annual Naval Game. It was fun, but it was just the four of us instead of a dozen. That was it in the miniature gaming department.

But I did get a lot of painting done. 102 figures to be exact. That’s a lot, but I’ll take it. Here is what I finished in the month of January:

24 X 28mm 1st Corps Mexican American War figures. This was for a Rebels and Patriots group project and finished up my share of the projects

2 X 1/600 Bay Area Yard ships. Maria Regina Pia and Ancona. This finishes up my share of the ships for The Battle of Lissa.

24 X 28mm Perry figures for Regimental Fire and Fury, the American War of Independence. These were the 23rd Regiment, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers. More about this project later.

6 x 28mm 1st Corps figures, Berdan’s Sharpshooters for Rebels and Patriots

6 X 28mm Foundry figures: Camerone and Filibusterers. These figures are the personalities for the action at Camerone. There are 28 figures in all for this range. Yes, I have all of them.

24 X 28mm Foundry Belgian Legion figures. I’ve already chatted these up a bit.

12 X 28mm Gringo 40’s Republican Infantry for the Mexican Adventure. These large figures were much fun to paint.

6 X 28mm Foundry Chasseurs D’Afrique. These nice, mounted figures are part of the Maximilian in Mexico project.

That’s 102 figures altogether, and I didn’t buy any new figures. I expect to keep it that way until early March when I’ll either add more Maximilian figs or perhaps the Perry British Guards figures for AWI.

In addition to the painting, I did some remounting. I don’t love remounting, but I really do like using my figures. I also like Daniel Mersey’s rules, as do my friends, so I’m moving to a mounting system more usable with those rules.

In January I remounted many of my long-ignored ACW figures. I remounted three Union infantry units and two cavalry units. I also remounted four Confederate infantry units. Finally, I also made the move on two Mexican militia units for the Maxmilian projects. Not bad.

Looking ahead to February, here’s what’s on the docket.

First I have a Gringo 40’s Mexican Republican cavalry unit. These are lovely, but huge.

The von Bose Regiment was a Hessian unit at Guilford Courthouse. Old Glory figures. I’m painting ten stands worth (40 figures)

After that it will be the Foundry Imperial Infantry figures for Mexico.

I’ll also remount the last of my Confederates, wrapping up the ACW remount party. I’ll begin reorganizing my AWI for Regimental Fire and Fury. I have a lot and I don’t anticipate wholesale remounting, but they are not very well organized. John Gee likes this period even more than I do, and I just want to be able to say I have this, ‘n this, ‘n this. Let’s play.

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