I’m a mid-50’s miniature wargamer.  In my real life I’m a father of two grown sons, happily married to my wife Lorri for 33 years. I teach high school American Studies and journalism. I’m also a dog lover with three miniature Australian shepherds: Lucy, Rusty and Amos. I love books, movies, music and, unaccountably, the Seattle Mariners.

I’ve been playing miniature wargames for over 40 years and it’s an integral part of my life.  My friends would say my interests are offbeat and eclectic, but I have several core interests.  I have a fascination, and large figure collections for the Hundred Years War, the American Revolution in the south, the War of 1812, and a what-if war between the U.S. and Spain in the late 18th-early 19th centuries.  I love air racing and hydroplane racing games, as well as Frank Chadwick’s Space 1889. Nearly all my projects are now 28mm.

I love to paint figures, though my skills have diminished a bit with my eyesight.  I have considerable affection for my gaming brethren.  I find miniature wargaming to be an amazingly creative pastime that stimulates my intellectual curiosity and, once or twice a month, gets me off my hilltop to hang out with great folks.  I also believe that Larry Brom’s “The Sword and the Flame” and Rich Hasenauer’s “Fire and Fury” are the two greatest rules sets ever written. Despite their pedestrian quality Old Glory Miniatures is the most amazing gaming company in the biz.

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  1. Kev – Steve Preston here. I haven’t been to Enfilade for a while – been “globe-trotting” a bit – first to Denver, and most recently in the UK. I am returning (retiring) t the Portland Oregon area in September and will be a regular at Enfilade starting net year. Would love to hear from you in the near future

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      Hi Steve, I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I came home from Enfilade with a terrible cold and just haven’t done anything with the blog this week. The best way to reach me is by e-mail. So old school. You can catch me at kgsmyth@q.com. Glad you are back in the area. Do you know where you’ll be in the Portland area. There is plenty of gaming going on there, though I’m not sure how centralized it is. Lots of gaming in Eugene and Corvallis as well. If there’s anything I can do to connect you with others, let me know. There is a NHMGS Facebook page you might join as well.

  2. Wayne Jacobs says:

    Hi Kev – Wayne “Jake” Jacobs here. I’m trying to catch up with Dick Larson. Any ideas. I have been out of contact with everyone (except Snive) for at least two years. (Bladder Cancer – I say it’s whipped) Carol and I are coming up on 40 years, the kids want to throw us a party, we would like to invite Dick but after recently shaking the house we can’t find contact info for him. Thanx

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      Jake, I don’t have a good contact for Dick. Dick had a stroke on January 3rd and at least until Feb. 4th, was still hospitalized. I’m responding from work, but when I get home, I’ll try to put you in touch with Bill Stewart who could better answer your question. At least I have an e-mail for Bill. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. I had my own little dance with cancer a few years ago, and I’m hoping to avoid future contacts.

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