Ready to Scrap: The Mexican American War Project is Finished.

I split the difference on on my American infantry. I painted two units as standard U.S. infantry and two units as artillery serving as infantry, which was quite common.

Last night I put the finishing touches on my Mexican War figures. It was a fun little project. I know my partners in crime will soon be finished with their little piece of history.

All four of my Mexican line infantry are of the 3rd Line Regiment.

I kept my part simple. Our thinking about the Mexicans is that they weren’t very good. Objectively, we know they had coarse powder that generated a tremendous kick, and they fired from the hip. That’s not something that will improve the accuracy of a Napoleonic era smoothbore musket, so they are bad shooters. They are decent on defense. It’s hard to get them to move. They aren’t as good as U.S. regulars. So I have more Mexicans than Americans. Four line infantry units, two light infantry units, a gun and two light cavalry units or about 32 points worth in Rebels and Patriots

Mexican Light Infantry by 1st Corps. These were the only figures I painted that were disappointing. I felt they got the uniforms wrong with the long tail coats. They were just a general pain.

For the Americans, I did fewer figures. Many of my colleagues were interested in doing Americans, and they are better troops. I stuck with the equivalent of four line infantry, one dragoons unit and a gun. Depending on how one rates the units I would guess 26 points or higher.

The first of two six-figure units of Mexican Light Horse by 1st Corps.

I try not to get stuck too much on points and prefer designing scenarios, but there you go.

US Dragoons by 1st Corps. These fellows were fun to paint. Not a lot of stress.

I deliberately decided to avoid painting Mexican units that were too fancy, schmancy. So no Jalisco Lancers or Tulancingo Cavalry. Just the guys you’re mostly likely to see out on the line. Pretty much the same with the Americans. No flying battery or mounted riflemen. They can fit into any scenario.

With my attention spread what seems like a million different places, I’m not likely to add much more, though that isn’t impossible. I’m happy just to have them done.

3 comments on “Ready to Scrap: The Mexican American War Project is Finished.

  1. Nice looking forces. It’s quite interesting to see what are essentially napoleonic troops in non european settings. Looking forward to more developments on this front.

  2. Randy Miles says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Good looking collection of figures.
    A fun period to game.
    I have had troops for the period, sold them.
    Then purchased others and yet to paint them.
    Seems to be a habit. (LOL)
    Hope the New Year turns out better than last year.
    Stay safe.

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