In A Perfect World, 2022 Might Look Like This

The current state of chaos on my painting desk. In the foreground are the last of my U.S. infantry for the Mexican War. In the background are some Mexican figures and some Confederates awaiting remounting. Note: that I have left myself approximately 6 square inches to work on my good sized desk.

There’s a lot to do. With my retirement and the end of my little notary business I’ve basically become a full time wargamer. MY CHILDHOOD DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!! That leaves me lots of time to paint for the limited time I can actually game.

There are lots of figures to paint. But which ones? I do have a couple of games to prepare for Enfilade. One of those is the Lissa game. My two remaining ships will be at the top of the list moving into January.

A second game for the convention is Matehuala for my Maxmillian stuff. It is mostly painted, but I have a few units I’d like to change out for new figures. The entire project is due for an overhaul. I’d like to remount the whole shebang.

Foundry’s pile of Camerone figures from their Old West range. Yes, I own all of them, though mine lack pigment.

The Mexican Adventure stands to be my big focus for 2022. It’s a really interesting, curious conflict about which I know too little. It’s kind of a three stage affair, beginning with the introduction of French troops in 1862, the arrival of Maximillian a year later, and active American assistance to the Republicans with the end of the American Civil War. Learning more is complicated by the lack of English language resources, but I’ll do my best to acquire what is available.

Most of my very lacking resources for the Mexican Adventure. There is some book-length treatment of Maxmillian and Carlota because they make an interesting story. Unfortunately there is very little campaign study available in English.

I feel like I’ve kind of chosen the wrong mix of figures, especially for the French and Mexicans, so there may be more in my future, but not any interest in adding still more figures at the present moment.

Looking beyond the tragedy of Mexico and Maximillian, I do have other things to work on. There are all the Caribbean figures for the Spanish American War. These are for The Men Who Would Be Kings rules and are intended for battles in Puerto Rico and Cuba.

This is a year when I’d also like to confront my American War of Independence mess. I have a considerable number of painted figures for two different sets of rules–Daniel Mersey’s Rebels and Patriots and Regimental Fire and Fury. I also have a passel of unpainted figures. My Regimental Fire and Fury stuff needs some updating and reorganization. In a perfect world I’d like to head toward running a Battle of Guilford Courthouse game. But what’s clear is I need to give time to these projects in order to make any of it work. On my to-do list.

I also promised George Kettler I’d make a real effort to work on my Vietnam era 1/300 planes. I probably won’t take that on until after Enfilade in May, but that’s something I’d really like to get done. I’m hoping to use the Ammo Mig paint colors, but they’re a little hard to come by at this moment. I’ll keep trying.

Finally, I have a couple of re-basing projects to work on, in addition to Maximillian. My Hundred Years figures and my Aztecs/Conquistadors should both be heading into 3-2-1 basing for Lion Rampant. It just cleans things up and makes them more orderly to do so. Don’t know how much progress I’ll make, but these need to be done and, shucks, I’ve got the time.

Of course this could all be de-railed by the suggestion of something new that fogs my brain and makes me hysterically sell my car in order to buy another truckload of figures, but I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. But Daveshoe did just point out the new European figures in the Crucible Crush Flint and Feather range. Sigh.

So, no big predictions or promises for 2022, just an outline of what I hope I might get done all things being equal. No promises about what I might paint that looks like whatever. I would like to try to be pretty regular in my painting–something like 50-70 figures per month. While I won’t project what I should paint, I will try to share what I have painted at the end of the month.

3 comments on “In A Perfect World, 2022 Might Look Like This

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Congrats on your retirement. I look forward to seeing what you do in the coming year.



  2. Jonathan Freitag says:

    I have been considering trying TMWWBK for the SAW too. I will be watching this space with interest.

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      Thanks Jon. It may not happen until this summer. I am a little concerned about using TMWWBK for confilcts involving two pretty developed countries because figures die so easily in those rules as opposed to say Rebels and Patriots. Using cover will be really important.

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