With Vietnam Complete, What’s Next

Crosley Tender by Company B Miniatures will go with my Irish Civil War project

Hue is officially done. That doesn’t mean I won’t be pulling out the figures, the tanks and the buildings and maybe adding a little something to them. I have my eye on some Acheson bunkers that look pretty interesting, and Gringo 40’s is adding to their ARVN troops. But, I really do want to do something else.

I’ve pulled out my remaining Irish Civil War figures and have plowed into them. I don’t have a lot to do to wrap those up, and I’ve finished the first 20 figures of Royal Irish Constabulary and IRA from Reiver castings. Not bad. Not as good as Footsore, but not bad. I’ve also assembled, to the best of my limited skill, two Crosley Tenders. They were a difficult build and will form my little vehicle corps along with a Lancia armored truck.

My guess is the Troubles will be finished before the end of the month. What follows is unclear. I’m trying to set a bar for myself and Enfilade 2022. Often I pick a project and I stick to it until it’s complete. The problem is I have zillions of unpainted figures and I REALLY WANT TO PAINT THEM. I know this is unique for a miniature wargamer, perhaps it’s just naivete, but this year I’m really going to try to stick to the, don’t do anything new pledge.

Well, let me break that for just a second. I think I am going to take on 1/600 Lissa with John Gee, which will involve ten or so Italian ships that will need to be masted and rigged. Yep, broke my own rules, and it only took an extra sentence. But it’s also something small I can pick at.

Bay Area Yards 1/600 Magenta armored ship-of-the-line. Not at Lissa, but it looks so badass.

Here are some things I’m thinking about:

I have a bunch of 28mm ACW figures. We’re actually going to play a 28mm ACW Rebels and Patriots game on Saturday. I have a load of unpainted figures and a load of painted figures. I’d really like to paint those that require it and make some decisions with those that are painted. Problems? The painted figures were completed 30 years ago and I use a completely different painting style. There would be remounting required and would they all be remounted for R and P or would I mount some for Regimental Fire and Fury–understanding if I did the latter I’d need a lot more figures. Why can’t everything be easy?

This year I acquired a bundle of figures for the Spanish American War and I didn’t buy ’em just to have ’em. I’ve purchased stuff for both sides, plus some Cuban rebels. The Spanish are a pain to paint, but I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. I see myself progressing on this but I don’t see everything being painted by May. And that’s okay.

John Gee has kindled my interest in organizing my figures and painting unpainted miniatures I have for the American Revolution for Regimental Fire and Fury. I really like the rules and I have a lot of unpainted stuff. The Perrys have recently added to their range with figures for the Guards, and Guilford Courthouse is kind of my battle. Anyway, I foresee some units being painted toward that end. I also have additional figures for Rebels and Patriots, so I can just throw a dart, spill some paint and move the ball a little bit toward completing what I have on hand.

Finally, I am really interested in working with John and Dave Schueler toward playing The Battle of the Yellow Sea in 1/1250 scale. John has like all the Russians for the siege of Port Arthur so Dave and I are working on the Japanese. I’ve finished a few ships, have a few more, and will buy more still. I’m not making rapid progress, but I’m making some.

Those are the things I’m looking at as we aim at Enfilade 2022. I’m still the director next year, so my ability to host more than a few games just doesn’t look very good. Instead of painting toward a particular game, I’m hoping to just paint away and perhaps a game will magically appear out of the work. John has talked about Lissa and a War of 1812 battle. I could be persuaded to either of those, though I’m not sure I could be available to run both. I kind of have a hankering to run my Philippine Insurrection game, San Pascual, but I’m not sure. Some may depend on Shoe’s health and whether he opts into the convention. Maybe there will be planes. Maybe not.

2 comments on “With Vietnam Complete, What’s Next

  1. Randy Miles says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Lots of figures to paint, where to start.
    That could be me.(LOL).
    But yet I buy more.
    It is nice to have lots of things and figures to paint.
    I find that it causes the “Butterfly” in me, I go from one period, then another.
    Figures painted but no armies to play games with.
    And then there are the periods I do armies in and not played with the figures for years.
    Like colonials, played TSATF a lot, for years, but that was in the past and now have not played them for years.
    Sell them you say, “ha ” no, then I will want to play them because I read some really cool article about the period.
    So “I soldier on, “or should that be “paint on,” the endless quest!
    Stay safe, buddy,

  2. kgsmyth55 says:

    Randy, I’m usually pretty good about staying focused on a project. That’s good because I usually finish stuff too. Unfortunately I allow myself to be dragged into new projects easily and that’s what I want to avoid at least until I clear up a few things. Irish Civil War stuff will be finished next week. I am not sure after that, but I’ll be painting something.

    Take it easy sir,


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