Enfilade: All the other fun stuff

I wanted to wrap up my Enfilade coverage with pictures from other events. There were some 80+ games at the convention, a number that was reduced by Delta variant concerns and filled in by heroic last-minute heroes. I wish I could tell more about each photo, just know that each of the hosts that took time to run a game is top notch in my book.

Sadly, I couldn’t get photos of all the games. I had my own game hosting responsibilities and spent time putting out convention fires as your obedient servant. If I have one regret, it is that I don’t have any photos of Bill Vanderpool’s games. For those who don’t know Bill, he never misses a game period, and is annually six for six running games for a very long time.

Even though attendance and number of games were down, I can’t say the same about our spirit as the everyone seemed to have a really good time. Looking forward to Enfilade 2022, Memorial Day weekend (May 27-29.)

And I also want to recognize our attendees and game masters for making Enfilade a successful game experience for everyone.

Thanks so much for reading. See you in the spring.

2 comments on “Enfilade: All the other fun stuff

  1. Comradepatrick says:

    How wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I’ll try to make it next year.

  2. kgsmyth55 says:

    Patrick, we missed you and Zona Alpha. Would love to see you in the spring.

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