Enfilade 2018: Teutoberger Wald

Sometimes big conventions have really big games, sometimes they don’t.  Enfilade has had its share, from Ramillies and Blenheim, to Waterloo and Gettybsburg, to Little Big Horn.

This year, new convention director Alyssa Faden decided to host Teutoberger Wald.  Not a little representative massacre in German forests, but sixteen feet worth of slaughter.

I wish I could offer some spell binding narrative to tell you the outcome of the game that was offered in three different game periods.  But just know that over twelve hours of convention time a passel of gamers happily took the roles of Germans hell bent on slaughtering Romans or Roman leaders intent on escaping.  All I spoke to had a great time.

What follows are photos, lots of photos of the game.  It was big.  There were bunches of figures, super terrain.  It was wargaming spectacle.

Running a game of this size poses all kinds of problems.  Balancing the excitement of the games size are logistical issues of transport, set-up and take down time, organization and expectations.  Often games like Teutoberger are a disappointment because the sheer size of the game overwhelms the ability of the gamemaster to control things and keep the game moving along.  Alyssa and her army of volunteers had no such problem.  it was a terrific triumph.

With a game like Teutoberger in her back pocket I can’t help but wonder what Alyssa is planning for next year.

2 comments on “Enfilade 2018: Teutoberger Wald

  1. Raymundo says:

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  2. Okay up to now the mouse is ahead.

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