Enfilade 2018: One of the Great Ones


Made it home from Enfilade last night.  This will be the first of several posts about the weekend.  There are lots of pics here and many more to follow.  It was a super convention.  Congratulations to Alyssa Faden and Vic Cina for doing a great job as the convention again hit record highs in attendance and games hosted and raised real concerns about the future of the convention’s location as it continues to grow.  They went out on a limb and required online event registration, and it was a success.  Kudos to them.

There were a lot of super events. I cleverly scheduled myself into running games in five of the six event periods, and hence had little chance to play in or view an awful lot of them.  I did the best I could to take photos and will share them below, but know that there are many deserving games I simply never got close to.

Below are some one-off photos of some of the games. I’ve tried to provide a few words in the mosaic caption below.

From top left: “Incoming missiles!” Andy Doty’s intriguing Harpoon Commander game. Chris Ewick runs a table of DBA games. Scott Williams intriguing game based on his real life job as a marine archaeologist on the Oregon coast. A really big German bomber for Wings of War. Denny Hartung’s Check Your 6 game from the Spanish Civil War “Revolting Skies.”  A 15mm game of Pike and Shotte featuring Scots and English.

Ronald Oldham is new to the Puget Sound area, moving recently from North Carolina.  He’s a reformed game store owner, and he hosted two War of 1812 games using The British Are Coming Rules. Ron, if you read this, I think I still owe you a beer.

From bottom left: Ron hosted Chrysler’s Farm on Friday night.  The terrain boards were really nice and captured the ravined nature of the terrain.  The bottom three to the right were Ron’s boards for New Orleans.  The British got to the ditch, but not further.  Everything looked great.

Two hosts consistently put on magnificent looking games each convention.  Bruce Smith and Neil Marker are great guys and have a real talent for cluttering a game board with fantastic bits of interesting ephemera and hosting a fabulous games.  I’m committed to getting into one or both of their games in 2019.  Bruce won the prize for best theme game for the Friday evening period.

From top left: Bruce’s apocalyptic cityscape for “Hot Wheels, HMG’s and Human Gangs” offers the right mix of menace and destruction.  Loved it.  Gotta play it some time. Neil Marker’s “Who Runs Barter Beach” is A) beautiful and B) has the most interesting collection of cool stuff of any game of the weekend.  But Neil’s games always do

Ix Nichols ran a gorgeous hypothetical air game “Breakout from Mers El Kebir featuring some beautiful 1/200 planes.  Rules were Check Your 6!

From top left: Fulmar fighters provide cover for Swordfish torpedo bombers. We don’t usually think of the Hawk 75’s as a much of match for any WWII fighters, but against Fulmars and Stringbags, maybe so-Vichy fighters swarm to the attack. Players are trying to figure it all out.  A couple photos of the excellent Swordfish miniatures.  And Swordfish plunging into the Mediterranean.

A really big Battle of Mobile Bay in a really small space.  1/600 ships by Thoroughbred Figures.  Rules by Sail and Steam Navies.

From top left: Confederate gunboats and the Tennessee defend the line of pilings across the bay.  Union ships mass as they prepare to run the guns of Fort Morgan.  A great Fort Morgan miniature that alleviates a lot of scale problems for this challenging game.

David Sullivan brought out his 40mm bronze age miniatures by Monolith/Graven Images.  Everybody seemed to having a good time.  Rules were “Song of Blades and Heroes.”

From Left: The religious party in the circle of standing stones was the objective for the six players in this game.  Each entered the game separately and were tasked with befuddling their rivals as they tried to carry off their prize

Colin Wilson’s Team Yankee game was cool to see.  However I didn’t have a chance to catch the game in progress.

From top left: M-60’s boil out of the town to engage the Soviets.  Cobra gunships lead M-60’s to the attack.  American forces are supported by A-10 Warthogs.

And last, but certainly not least, is Bill Vanderpool’s Isandlwana game game, using 15mm figures and Lyn Bodin’s “Imperialism” rules.  Anybody who wants to know what it’s like to run a game at this convention just needs to check in with Bill.  He’s been doing it every period for every Enfilade for twenty year.  Just an old pro.

Every convention has some fun.  It’s always interesting to see what’s in the bring and buy, and determine who made the weirdest purchase.  While Bruce Harborne probably didn’t buy the strangest items, buddy Steve Knight is wisely ignoring him.

Bruce at the Bring and Buy

This post will be followed by several more over the next couple of days that share my games as well as the featured event at Enfilade.

One comment on “Enfilade 2018: One of the Great Ones

  1. Steve Thorne says:

    Thanks for the compliment about my Fort Morgan model. It was scratch built using GHQ Terrain Maker materials and water putty (pretty much). I tried to make the scale the same as the ships to prevent having it look weird so close to them. Ran the same scenario twice and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves.

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