Dorian Hawkmoon and his men

It’s been a while since I last posted about Hawkmoon.  I’ve finished three of the Eureka units and I’m enjoying the heck out of them.  The figures themselves are painted pretty plain and according to the details included in the Hawkmoon stories.  Plain black jerkin over brown leather or mail.  Not exciting and pretty easy.  I’ve tried to highlight the black with charcoal wherever possible.

The army Hawkmoon commands is from the region for France called Camargue.  It lies in the south of France on the near the Mediterranean, in the delta of the Rhone river.  The terrain is marshy and this swampy ground figures into Moorcock’s story.

For those not familiar with the Hawkmoon tales, the stories take place in various locations, but are chiefly centered in a post-apocalyptic Europe, taking place after the Tragic Millenium.  Moorcock changes the names of the locations, but they aren’t terribly difficult to figure out.  The bad guys come from Gran Bretan and its capital of Londra. Hawkmoon himself is the Duke of Koln. The last refuge of civility in Europe is the Kamarg, site of Castle Brass in the town of Aigues-Mortes.

I bought the Eureka Miniatures to build a Dragon Rampant army.  I’ve bought enough figures to build five units, plus an artillery piece, plus three heroes.  Though I’ve jotted some notes down, there is no way the figures I bought and am painting will come in anything close to the 30 points normally allowed for tournament play.  I mostly avoid tournaments like the plague, so maybe it doesn’t matter.


The archers were very easy to paint. I might have done better just to paint some of my many HYW longbowmen, but I painted up the official figures just so I could be regulation.  Not a lot happening with them.  I added an officer figure, but the miniature was nice.  Their big advantage is they’re cheap points-wise as light missiles.


The spearmen were more interesting.  Still your basic black, but lots of leather to add to them.  I especially like the poses for these guys, though I’m thinking thinking they should probably have shields.  The range has lots of very heavy standard bearers.  They are also quite tall, which makes finding a suitable box a bit of a challenge.  Unfortunately, Moorcock is quite explicit in his books about the standard.  A plain white flag with a red gauntlet. Lots of folds in the miniature, so even that simple device is a bit difficult to portray fully.


I had a blast painting the mounted flame lancers.  These are the Guardians of Kamarg and are among the elite corps.  I don’t know if they will be mounted heavy missiles or something else. Still thinking on it. The horned horses of Kamarg come in two pieces, with the heads separate.  Each is unique, so it was important to get them properly lined up for correct fit. The horses have little saddle or tack foolery to fuss over, but the horses are anatomically coherent, remembering that horses could have evolved from our own time. (There’s one that seems built a lot my dog Rusty–long and short legged.) The armor on the horses is a little fiddly and a bit difficult to properly get at, but definitely nothing major to fuss about.

Flame Lancers 1

Mounted figures always present a conundrum for me.  Do I hold them in my hand and paint them, or do I stick ’em on the horse?  I’ve done it both ways and, well, I’m not sure I have the right answer. In this case I decided to prime ’em and hold ’em.  It worked fine.  There were only six, and I painted them in stages, and took the time to Dullcoat them as I went on so I could avoid re-painting. They were fairly uniform in appearance with variations on the black jerkin.  The flame lance, a kind of laser/cum flamethrower with its ruby tip made them interesting. And then the really big standard too.

I decided to mount them on 3-2-1 bases, except for the cavalry who are on 2-2-1-1 bases.


I decided not to use the Eureka Hawkmoon figure as my hero.  It seems generic and really doesn’t look like the Hawkmoon figure.  i opted for nostalgia instead, going with my very old Citadel Hawkmoon with the Dacian shield pattern.  No it isn’t a decal; I hand painted that 30+ years ago.

I still have a ways to go.  I have a unit of Kamarg light horse.  They’ll probably be next on my list.  Then it is the citizenry of the Kamarg with swords and axes.  They’ll add some color.  Then it is my sorcerous artillery and the remaining heroes, Count Brass and Oladahn of the Bulgar Mtns. They look great and are quite in character with  the books.


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