It’s Tuesday . . .sniff!

So I posted a few days ago about plans for my four day weekend.  I also promised to share what, if anything, I got done.  No, not so fast Smyth, you actually said you’d  get something done, so it’s time to ‘fess up.

Before I leap into my show and tell, I just need to share my painting plans with the complications of the life I share with my wife of 38 years and three demanding Australian shepherds.

  • Saturday was actually an awesome painting day.  I would guess I was able to put in at least five hours and lots got done, even though I had a pretty terrible night’s sleep. I ran out to Tacoma Trains, which is, sadly, closing.  I picked up six bottles of Testors acrylics toward future airplane painting projects and also grabbed a bottle of Woodland Scenics cement. Didn’t get home until about 11:30 after a few stops. But I painted all afternoon and it was great.  I’d ordered a copy of Dolly Parton’s excellent 1974 album Jolene, and it was a superb accompaniment to my efforts.  Made lots of progress on my Tlaxcalan skirmishers.  I painted all 24 as a group, so advances came slowly, but even so lots done.  Mistake of the day-stayed up very late (for me) watching all four episodes of Amazon drama Doctor Thorne with Lorri, while drinking champagne and Whidbeys.  Nice but . . .
  • Sunday was not good.  Little sleep, a bit of a hangover, meant I didn’t get started in the morning at all. Lorri came home from estate sales and told me about a table she encountered that could replace my media center in the den. She thought it could hold about 200 records!!  Uh oh.  We went back to look at it, burned about three hours of the day as we did other errands.  I came home and took a nap. At about 4:00 I got started, but ultimately only got about two hours of painting in. However, I was able to finish basing a unit of Tlaxcalan infantry I’d had sitting around since deadline started on Monday. It could have been so much more.  Blues.
  • Monday was much better.  Still not a lot of sleep, despite my best efforts.  But got started early.  Finished painting sandals and eyes before noon.  Took the figures out and gave them their shot of semi-gloss coating before running off to meet with one of my former students about a job possibility before noon.  When I got home at about 1:00, gave the Tlaxcalans and some Aztec command figures the dip.  Not much more I could do for the day because it takes that long for the dip to effectively dry.  Started cleaning six each of MiG 15 and 19 planes. Drilled out the holes for their pins before I headed off to bed.
  • I knew my time today would be limited. Started with a good night’s sleep, in fact Lorri woke up before me-never happens.  I had the newspaper to pick up at the printer in South Seattle, before heading off to my parents’ house for lunch in Renton.  So, I made sure to jump on some of my work in the den before I left at 9:00.  Managed to finish painting and dry-brushing my bases before heading out. Then I  When I got home at 3:00, I flocked them and took them out for a final matte spray. I took a couple of hours off to watch the last of Ken Burns dust bowl documentary and continued work on the MiG’s.  Managed to paint the bubble canopy.  I’m hoping to have all twelve planes painted and marked by the end of the weekend.

Tomorrow is a day at school with no kids.  Every minute will be accounted for, unfortunately.  But it does have the virtue of being the first of a lot of days without after school commitments.  That promises some time to devote to finishing the last of my figures for the Aztec project.

From left-The Cuban Airforce received MiG 15’s from the Soviets too late for the Bay of Pigs in 1961. By the Cuban Missile Crisis, Cuba also had the supersonic MiG 19’s.  Bottom right is all twelve planes in all their aluminum glory 

I am down to only five Aztec command figures, 12 Tlaxcalan infantry, and 12 more Spanish swordsmen.  I’ll finish the MiGs before moving on to wrapping up these 29 figures. After I’m finished with them I’ll move on to reassess the project and what has contributed to what I see as a pretty important project success.

All 24 Tlaxcalan skirmishers awaiting their matte spraying.  Command figures, including the heron standard bearer and a sacrifice stand appear alongside the bowmen and slingers. 

I really didn’t get anywhere with my mulligan markers.  Sometime  soon I’m sure.  I kind of have a plan though.  They won’t be called mulligan markers, they’ll be called Appeals to God.  The Aztecs will have an image representing some sort of blood sacrifice-they often sliced their ears to make simple sacrifices and consequently had ragged ears. The Spanish markers will represent some sort of heavenly appeal-prayerful hands or something like that.

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