And now a word about Old Glory 25’s

I’ve bought lots of Old Glory miniatures over the years.  I bought the original glue-on-the-head ACW figures way back when, and in fact still have about 80 or so unpainted versions of these guys.  Some day.  (And you wonder why I don’t buy more figures!!) I know it’s not super fashionable, but I’ve always liked this company.  They’ve really done a lot for the hobby.  In some ways I liken them to Hinchcliffe in that they’ve supplied the hobby with expansive ranges of figures that cover many, many historical eras, as well as rounding out some non-historical stuff too.  The alliances they’ve made with other manufacturers, i.e; Blue Moon, Sash and Saber, and Merrimac Shipyards , offer opportunities to the gamer that are pretty unique.

Another characteristic that also bears mention is price.  The cost of the Old Glory figure is miniscule at $1.16 per foot figure and $3.50 per mounted figure.  That’s, of course, before one factors in the benefits of the Old Glory Army.  If one purchases an annual membership for $50, the potential savings are enormous.  The price for a bag of thirty figures falls from $35 to $21.00.  The cost per figure savings plummets from $1.16 to seventy cents, the cost of a mounted figure to two bucks plus a dime. I confess, I’ve never been one that buys tons of the new thing that’s out there.  However, I do like my Perry AWI figures.  Last summer I took a chance on some Knuckleduster War of 1812 minis.  I’m getting ready to order some of the Musketeer Miniatures IRA figs.  Every one of them costs  about twice the amount of an Old Glory miniatures.  Just to clarify a little more about cost, when I began buying miniatures in 1974, the cost of a Hinchliffe 25mm figure was .30 or .70 for a mounted figure.  That was nearly 40 years ago.  Today that same Hinchcliffe figure costs about a buck.

There are those that complain about Old Glory’s quality.  As in their miniatures aren’t as good as other manufacturers.  I would credit some of what said.  The Perry AWI line is better than the AWI line.  Are they twice as good, given the cost?  No probably not.  The attraction of the Perry AWI figures is they simply offer a much wider range of miniatures.  But if I was doing the Battle of Monmouth, you bet your ass a huge proportion of the miniatures would be Old Glory.  They’re nice enough-definitely better than the old Hinchcliffe figures I used to buy (and those were really nice in 1974.)

If I ever had a criticism of the Old Glory 25’s folks it’s that they were a little slow getting orders to me compared to places like Brookhurst Hobbies or the Warstore.  A two week or longer delay from the order date was the norm.  Last Friday I ordered two packs of figures, the last I’ll need to complete my War of 1812 project I believe/hope.  When I got home from work on Monday they were sitting in my mailbox.

Russ and Connie Dunaway, Theresa Gregory have really provided a remarkable product for this hobby.  Yes, there are lots of other bright and shiny ranges, and some very nice and very costly figures out there.  Old Glory 25’s is for everyman-those who think big, those with small budgets, those who are looking for a fair deal.


5 comments on “And now a word about Old Glory 25’s

  1. Dean says:

    I also like OG – almost all of my HYW French are OG – when I had the membership. BTW, I still have the English HYW Personalities for you – if not sooner, I’ll bring them to Enfilade. Dean

  2. Mike Parrott says:

    My lead pile is 80% OG. I use the other manufacturers to fill in the figs that OG doesn’t do. IMHO the OG figs are still the best value for the money in 25/28mm gaming!

  3. OG makes very average miniatures for a very low price. Unless you’re looking for spectacular sculpts, they are a great buy. For historicals, where realism trumps decoration, I’d recommend them. I also like their Superfigs line – it’s the largest superhero line out there, and though they are mostly simple sculpts that fits the genre. And they have a damned cool giant ape robot.

    The “little slow” in the text is quite generous to them. I’m in the US and have had stuff from England get here before an order from them placed first.

  4. Old Glory Miniatures is the worst miniature company I have ever had the displeasure to know. Horrible/non-existent customer service. Finally tell me it will take two weeks for delivery. After three weeks I get an email from PayPal saying Old Glory refunded my money. No communication from Old Glory. I tried emailing Old Glory for an explanation but they simply didn’t respond. Horrible.

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