February’s over already?

February seemed like a busy month, and at only 28 days a damned short one.  I painted exactly 10 figures, which is about 30 figures less than my target.  My chief issue was I kind of farted around painting figures.  I have 24 War of 1812 militia on my table nearly painted.  I also had eight Irish Civil War figures nearly finished.  If I’d put the time in to finish them I’d be well over my monthly target, I’d be great.  At least I didn’t buy anything new.

As March begins, I’ll need to finish those militia.  I’m really close, probably three or four more hours.  I already finished the eight ICW figures, and I still have five or so more to wrap.  It’s okay, they go fast.  I also have eight HYW French men-at arms I’d like to do. But this is March, which leads into spring break.  It’s the month when I really need to paint the planes I need for my Enfilade projects.  There are eight Fairey Barracudas to paint, and about eight more air racers to go.  After that I’m not quite sure.

It’s also one of those rare months when I’m ordering some figures.  Lorri shared her bonus with me, so I’ve ordered some Old Glory figures-a bag each of British Light Infantry and Royal Marines for Bladensburg.  I’m also ordering a bunch of ICW figures from Musketeer Miniatures, including one of their awesome Lancia armored trucks. Both of these orders will wrap up the figures I need for both projects, so I’m pretty pleased.  No it doesn’t finish the painting and etc., but it does establish what I need to complete to bring an end to it.

Friends have been playing Bolt Action by Warlord games, but I refuse to start anything new, regardless how small until I finish a couple things up first.  I look to be done with my War of 1812 miniatures in about a year.

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