And Now For Something Completely Different

I’ve been planning my annual deviltry for Enfilade. I’ve mostly shared what I’m doing–Bladensburg is big on Saturday morning.  I’ll run Thunderboats on Friday afternoon.  I’m really hoping to have my pickelfork boats from the 70’s done. May really be squeezing those in.

Aaron Burr exhorting frontiersmen to share his vision of an Empire in the West.  With him as Emperor of course

Aaron Burr exhorting frontiersmen to share his vision of an Empire in the West. With him as Emperor of course

But I’m taking a big chance with my Sunday offering.  I’m calling it Emperor of Mexico: The Burr Conspiracy.  It really is different and a bit risky. For those who have a difficult time remembering, the Burr Conspiracy was the plot by former vice-president of the United States Aaron Burr to acquire lands in the west (of the Mississippi River)

This is a six-player game, with each of the players taking on the role of a historical or quasi-historical character.  Each character has separate victory conditions.  Each controls a military force, has strengths and weaknesses, and probably has to work together with another character to achieve his goals and objectives. I’ve deliberately abstracted  time and, movement, and though the combat rules will be a lot like Brother Against Brother, they will be simplified.

Kentucky rifles are the backbone of Burr's frontier army

Kentucky rifles are the backbone of Burr’s frontier army

In many respects this will be a lot like Diplomacy, or a “screw your neighbor” multi-player board game, with aspects of role-playing and miniatures as mechanics in the game. Game turns will include a diplomacy/espionage phase to allow players to communicate with one another in writing, and attempt to gain intelligence about other players.  Some players may win through movement, others through combat, and still others through gathering information.

It’s a different sort of game.  Much different than any game I’ve ever envisioned or run before.  I’m hoping it’s a game that will draw some interest at the convention, and one that historical miniature enthusiasts can appreciate.  Definitely out-of-the-box.