Just a Few Things I’m doin’

Are you overwhelmed with all your stuff? Is your usable painting area limited to 6″ X 6″? Are you having a hard time focusing on meaningful progress. Me too. Welcome to Kevin’s pile of stuff and why I enjoy it so much.

My big achievement for the month will be the completion of the 2nd Virginia Regiment for Nathaniel Greene’s army in the American Revolution. It’s 40 figures, ten stands, mounted for Regimental Fire and Fury. The figures are by the Perrys. Have I said how much I love this range? In terms of variety of figures, and the wide range of uniform styles in the Revolution, they are very good. I also like the relative simplicity of the figures. It doesn’t feel like they have a pile of stuff hanging off them like traveling tinkers. They are sleek and ready for battle. My sole criticism is that they are often festooned with tiny mold marks that are hard to see and I often don’t find them until well after they are primed and I am painting. That’s a frustration that I’m willing to live with.

I’ve promised myself to get a ship or ships done every month. I have a great pile of them to do from a variety of periods. George Kettler, a few months back, gave me some 1/600 hulls from Bay Area Yards. I’ve ordered some gun sets I’ll need to finish them. I have a couple of Thoroughbred ACW masted ships that are candidates for work as well.

This month I’ve worked on four Superior 1/1200 Americans ships from WWII. This is the USS Philadelphia, a Brooklyn-class light cruiser. The Philadelphia wore its measure 22 paint scheme throughout the war. I chose Philadelphia due to its yeoman service in the Leyte Gulf battle at Surigao Strait. I’ve also worked on three Fletcher class destroyers including two that carried Kingfisher seaplanes, because you can’t have too many destroyers carrying seaplanes. Well, actually you can.

This is a tough little project for me. My hope was that Dave and I would do something with them. We discussed it, but just never got very far. I’ll need to invest some time in rules and hope I can find others who might be interested. I have a copy of General Quarters 3 and Shoe was interested in Admiral of the Fleet.

In truth, this is one of those projects which was so Dave and Kevin-centric, I’m kind of wondering why I’m still flogging it but I’ll try to carry on.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve hauled out my stash of resin hydroplanes and given them a serious lookover. The little 1/72md scale resin models are really very nice and Sean McEvoy did such a super job of creating them. They are a labor of love. I found one already assembled (you have to add the tail) and painted it up as the U-4 Smyth the Smoother Mover from 1971. I couldn’t resist. I have more than a dozen boats unbuilt and I’d really like to finish them over the coming year. I find assembling them a bit of a challenge, but really enjoy the painting. I also would really like to have an annual Thunderboats! event in Dave’s honor, so the more boat options the better.

Freed from the pressure of Enfilade planning, I’m just having a good time painting whatever sounds good.


3 comments on “Just a Few Things I’m doin’

  1. Sometimes not having pressure to produce and painting willy nilly is a blossoming of productivity. The ships look pretty cool, hopefully you can find a ruleset that floats your boat *rimshot*.
    Maybe find, fix, and strike for a naval ruleset?

  2. keith says:

    A nice variety of projects going on there and have to agree about Petty figures, I don’t have AWI (yet!) but their Napoleonics are great – definitely the best of the hard plastic ranges – although the mold marks comment has me wondering if these ones are metal?

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      Keith, yes I am referring to their metal ranges. I don’t hate plastics, but prefer metal. Do have some of the Perry Hundred Years War figures in plastic, but I feel like I’m saving them for the lead apocalypse.

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