2023: What Will It Be?

I usually am full of New Years resolutions for what or won’t get done. By this time of year I’ve identified my Enfilade projects and they are moving along. I’m a big stick to the script guy.

To really change things up, I won’t attend Enfilade this year. I’ve never missed one in the convention’s history. However, after some discussion with my wife and the opportunity to travel with my sister and her husband, we are taking a Viking cruise around the UK. So I’ll miss Enfilade for the first time. It wasn’t even under protest. I turned down offers to re-schedule.

I do have a plan for 2024. I am going to run the three Nathaniel Greene battles for the American Revolution. That’s Guilford Courthouse, Hobkirk’s Hill and Eutaw Springs in the order they happened. I’ll leave out Ninety Six which more of a siege. I’ve always had Guilford on my list. I have a ton of AWI figures, but I’ll be doing a bunch of painting. I am enamored of the Perry range for the Revolution in the South, so there will be plenty of those on the board. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the figures they replace. I’m thinking some conversions to Rebels and Patriots are in order, or I might part with some to some deserving young person getting started.

As far as further painting, that’s never an issue. I’m up to my neck in unpainted goodies. I think my focus is on the Spanish American War, SAGA Anglo Danes, and Maximilian stuff. But there are ships and planes to work on as well. I also have some buildings to complete and some fencing to build. My forgotten pile of hydroplanes for Thunderboats have been calling to me as well. In a perfect world I would finish a building and at least one ship every month. Would like to sneak in some planes too.

If that sounds unfocused, well, I don’t have to be focused this year, and I’m going to try to enjoy it.

One of my New Year’s resolution is just to play more. I want to enjoy the games and my friends as much as possible.

On December 30th (I hope I can count this) I managed to get in a game of Chain of Command at George Kettler’s house. I confess, I’m not a huge fan of the game. It’s out of my period and the rules require regular play to remember them well. However I am a huge fan of George’s. He does great work. His terrain is almost all hand made, and his tables looks so great. He’s been incredibly kind and supportive over the years. The guys playing are also super: Wil D, John K., Daryl N., Scott A. Wil has a deep understanding of the rules and he was on the German side with Scott and me. That solved some of my lack of play issue.

The game is part of a Stalingrad campaign George and the guys are running. I was content to be a stand in German platoon with StuG III. We assaulted a key building, Scott dropped in some incredible smoke, and flamed a Russian rifle platoon with his engineers. We made progress and moved the table a bit in the campaign. I had a good time and it was great to hang with the guys.

This first Saturday of the month is another gaming opportunity I hope to take advantage. It’s Regimental Fire and Fury at historic Fort Steilacoom. I’ve known about this for years and wanted to take advantage of it, and the past couple of months I’ve done so. The guys have 15mm ACW figures mounted properly for the system and they have a deep knowledge of the rules. And I’m glad, because even though I love Regimental Fire and Fury I don’t have that level of understanding. But I’m really good at reading the QRS.

They don’t do a lot of scenario making, which I’m not wild about, but I do really enjoy Gene, Lawrence, Gary and the boys. I’m going to take my turn running the game using 28mm AWI with the rules variant for R FaF. That will be February 4th so I’ll be sure to include pictures and an update.

Finally, we have a game group that is meeting regularly at Silver King games in Tacoma. This is a midweek group of retirees. We started out by playing SAGA, which we are committed to, but we’re going to play twice a month with a board game and likely SAGA. I think there are other miniature opportunities too. We met to play Viticulture by Stonemeier Games last week. It was a blast and we enjoyed each other as well. That’s Mark W, Kurt W., Scott A., and Dave D. Much fun. Next week, SAGA and I’ll unlimber my Dark Age Irish for their debut on the table.

Nothing is written in stone about must do’s but I’m thinking after all the tragedy of 2022, this year has to be better.


9 comments on “2023: What Will It Be?

  1. John Gee says:

    Sure wish that game at Fort Steilacom was some day other than 4 February.   But that’s fate, one of the two days in February where I have other commitments.    Piss.

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      I’m sorry. This is the kind of game we could do any time. 14 units per side. I actually have a planned scenario. It would be fun.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks, maybe I will weasel out of it and come down. Gotta stay overnight in some motel or something. I’m kinda reluctant to do the weaseling though.

  2. John Gee says:

    Change of plans, yeah,, I’ll be there.   Gotta stay someplace over night but yep , I’m coming.   Need anything for the game?   My guys ache to engage.

  3. John Gee says:

    I made a big assumption that I could just join in.  A lot of effrontery I should say.    If not, no prob, that way I will not be in trouble with Susan.  But I am willing to be in trouble.

  4. Keith says:

    After reading your previous post about Shoe, I certainly wish your a happier 2023. Good luck with the upcoming game.

  5. Jonathan Freitag says:

    Kevin, 2022 was not kind to you and your family. Hopefully, 2023 will see smoother sailing including your cruise.

    If more gaming in the New Year is taking priority on the hobby front and you are willing to give remote miniatures gaming a try via Zoom, drop me an email. We can arrange a game or two.

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      Jon, thanks. I am doing okay. I think i knew what was coming, and after a couple of weeks I’ve returned to normalcy a bit.

      Wow, Zoom gaming. I’ve heard about it. Some of the White Rock guys tried it during the pandemic. What would I need to do?

      • Jonathan Freitag says:

        Kevin, all you need to join in is a computer/tablet, an internet connection, speaker/mic/headset, Zoom app, and an interest in giving it a try. Since beginning a little over two years ago, my gaming has gone from one game/month to 97 in 2021 and 89 in 2022. I have hosted more games than I can easily count with war gamers from all over the globe.

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