2022: Year in Review

2022 was a not so great year from many perspectives. I’ve detailed those issues in the past, and I’m not gonna spend a lot of time going over it again. That doesn’t mean my issues have passed, it just means I’m not going to rehash here again.

But there were some things to remember.

Mexican Imperial troops defend a redoubt at Matehuela north of Mexico city. Ran this scenario twice with Rebels and Patriots and would love to run some new scenarios this year.

First, I spent the first part of the year resurrecting my Maximilian in Mexico project. That laid fallow for more than a decade and I took the time to A) rebase the entire army for Rebels and Patriots, whew. B) I painted scads of figures. C) I hosted two Maximilian games-one at my house and the same scenario at Enfilade. Though I am currently distracted from these figures, I have plenty more to paint and am hoping to try a few more games in 2023.

I learned to play and enjoy SAGA with Mark, Kurt and Scott in Tacoma. I have two painted SAGA armies, the Norse Gaels and the Dark Age Irish. The Irish haven’t seen the table yet, but they are ready to go. Our hope is to get in at least one SAGA game per month. However, there are some rule changes I’m not aware of yet, which doesn’t excite me. I promise to take more photos of our little games and post them more frequently.

Brodir of Man is a Norse Gael hero who has appeared in a couple of my SAGA games. He’s a bad-ass.

The 1914 project. My god, the 1914 project. I painted more than 600 12mm figures for that project so we definitely need to do more games. Yikes. Interesting rules and a fun game.

Not as many games played as I would have liked. Definitely circumstances have contributed to that. Sometimes, I’d just prefer to be at home. Loss of game spaces is another factor. As Dave’s house became less available, we haven’t made the adjustment to search for an alternative space. On the to-do list for 2023.

Sometimes, game opportunities seem available in abundance, at other times it feels super busy and there just isn’t time. I’m hoping regular game play happens more in the new year.

In the really good news department, there was a very successful Enfilade in May. About 300 attendees and 100 or so games made for an excellent weekend. I ran three games I really enjoyed.

Also in the yippee column was the return of our Museum of Flight day. This was our first gig at the Museum since 2019, so that’s a nothing but a good news thing. It was very well attended with a plethora of great games and some first time attendees.

So what did I accomplish this year and what are the plans for 2023?

I painted 126 figures for December. There were a few leftover 12/15mm 1914 and fantasy figures to wrap up, but by far the most completed goodies were 28mm figures. I completed all the 1914 miniatures I have and passed along my leftovers to David Sullivan, so the door is closed there. I completed my Dark Age Irish army for SAGA and it was nice to wrap those guys up. I continued to plod ahead on my slow dance of the Spanish American War, completing the last of my American infantry, the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteers. I finished the month with four (yes only four) South Carolina provincial dragoons that fought at Hobkirk’s Hill and Eutaw Springs, mounted for Regimental Fire and Fury.

On the year, that is a total of 1,416 figures. That’s an unimaginably big number for me.. It’s unlikely I’ll ever make that number again. Lots of small dudes, but that’s okay.

What’s probably not okay is that lots of these figures painted were new purchases. Ugh. It’s not that I don’t have plenty of other stuff to paint or that I don’t enjoy painting them. It’s just that I, as with most miniature gamers, have the attention span of a fly crawling on the wall. I’m hoping to do better for 2023.

Here are some things I hope to make progress on:

AWI Regimental Fire and Fury. More about this in the near future, but I love Nathaniel Greene and the war in the southern colonies. The Perrys have such a great range and I have lots of them to paint.

The Spanish American War. I’ve chugged away on these recently and honestly I don’t have that many left to do-under 100 figures. Unfortunately the rest are all Spanish in rayadillo which is time consuming. But this is a priority.

Anglo-Danes for SAGA. Another priority. I see this as my last likely SAGA army from the Age of Vikings book, and I am not interested in opening a new SAGA can of worms at this time.

Maximilian in Mexico. I still have a huge pile of figures for this period. And, realistically I’d like to add a bunch of French to the mix.

These are the highlights. I can fill in with ships, planes and 15mm fantasy figures to keep things interesting.


One comment on “2022: Year in Review

  1. Wowsers that’s a huge number. Nice work! I think if you are painting and handing off more minis that your purchase you are making progress.

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