November check-in, and what’s ahead.

Actually it’s a November and October check in. I didn’t get my stuff together and there you go.

It’s actually been an interesting couple of months. In October I was pretty devoted to wrapping up my 12mm BEF stuff. I wasn’t quite as ambitious as I had been in September, but I did complete 190 figures. That’s a lot.

I decided I’d focus more on my 28mm projects in November, and I certainly began the month that way. In October I’d ordered a Dark Age Irish army for SAGA from Footsore Miniatures. and my hope was to switch back and forth between working on those and my significant stash of Spanish American War figures.

Certainly the month began that way. I had some Gripping Beast Dark Age Irish plastics. Some of them are already fighting for my Norse Irish army, but there were enough left for a couple of units of warriors. Assembling them was a pain, but I lived through it. The second batch of figures were my Irish cavalry from Footsore and they were quite a pleasant paint task.

From there I moved on to painting Spanish American War figures. I focused on some American equipage. I had two packs of Colt machine guns and Sibley dynamite guns by Old Glory. I only painted up two of the four machine guns, because who needs machine guns when one can use Gatlings. Yes, that is sarcasm. That said, I really liked the Colts better than my Tiger Miniatures model. The crew for the cannon were quite nice, though I think the gun model by Gringo 40’s is probably better.

I wrapped up my Cuban rebel forces as well. I started with eight mounted rebels and folded one of my extra figs into a rebel commander role. They were easy. Mostly painted Vallejo grey-white highlighted with Vallejo Cold White. Unfortunately, in my rush to wrap them up and finish them, I sprayed them with primer instead of matt varnish, so there was some re-do action necessary.

I wrapped up my 28’s with three units of rebels infantry. So all together I have five units of infantry and one of horse for the Cubanos. Generally speaking, they were fun and easy. Just enough to be a guerrilla pain for the Spanish.

The month ended by chasing around trying to wrap up some smaller dudes. I painted ten more 12mm Great Escape Games highlanders for 1914. I just needed to fill out my two units to four stands each.

I also spent time adding some 15mm fantasy figures to my pile. I have a playtest scheduled for December 14th and they were the last of those I needed to add. I did take some time in November to re-base a significant proportion of the many figures I already had. My guess is we’re talking about more than 50 bases had to be swapped out. So I accomplished a lot on that front too. A few more will get done in December, but much smaller numbers.

I painted 13 wolf riders and nine Dunland horsemen.

The total for this month is 111 figures. So where are we as we stare the end of 2022 in the eye? At my end of September post, claimed 989 figures painted.

October adds 190 figures to that.

November adds another 111 figures.

That’s a total of 1290 figures. About half of those are 12mm figures, which were almost like cheating. But 1914 was a new project and when it’s done it’s done. There are more 15mm fantasy figures to be painted, but for the most part they’ll be painting up as part of 2023.

December will be busy with a few games and some holiday doings. But here is my painting plan.

I have 24 15mm Dunlanders for my Tolkien project. They are about 60% done and should go fast.

Then it will be on to my Irish army. It’s a must finish for December. It’s small, come on, how can I not finish them?

I still have a tiny handful of hangers on for 1914 and I’d really like to put those to bed once and for all.

After that, I’m not sure. I’m considering painting one of my dozen or so 54mm figures–a Berdan’s sharpshooter from the Civil War.

Insanity alert, I also bought an Anglo Danish army for SAGA. Love those Dark Ages armies. Actually I was suckered in by my long time interest in the Eureka Beowulf miniatures. I was able to cobble together enough figs from their associated Dark Ages range to make it work. Also ordered Cnut the Great and Harold Godwinson and his brothers figures from Gripping Beast. Ah me. Paid for with my winnings with my fantasy baseball team.

Should be a fun painting month.


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