Museum of Flight 2022

Under “normal” circumstances and perhaps in a “normal” year, I might not post about the Museum of Flight. It’s a gathering we’ve been doing since 2001. I’m fortunate to have a good relationship with the Museum Event Coordinator. We are now a regular member of their Hobby Day threesome of plastic modelers, RC aircraft enthusiasts, and there we are historical miniaturists. We draw folks in to run and play games and the public checks us out.

Credit for photos goes to Tom Bieker and Dean Motoyama. There may be one or two of mine in here, but I thank them for allowing me to use their superior shots.

Scott Potter is yakking with yours truly. In the background from left are: Scott Murphy, James Miller, Mark Serafin, Dean Motoyama, Gene Anderson and Ford whose last name escapes me.

But this wasn’t a “normal” year because the Museum has carefully limited events through the Covid days. It’s kind of a one man-show. I plead and beg not to be forgotten for future events. This year Hobby Day was on the calendar and we were included. Then its time to schedule game hosts.

My guess is we had about 40 NHMGS guest. I’m not going to list all the attendees because I know I’ll forget someone. Many were old and dear friends, but there were some folks there I simply didn’t know. However, I do want to give a shout out to our game hosts. These are folks who give up their Museum time to help out and I’ll always appreciate them.

Daryl Nichols and his friend Steve (whose last name I didn’t know, sorry) hosted a game of Gnome Wars in each of our two game periods.

Scott Potter ran a well-attended game of Wings of War in the morning period

Lawrence Bateman had immersed a group in a the 1856 Puget Sound Indian War also in the morning period

In the afternoon, Scott Williams and Joe Grassman ran a Galactic Knights scenario

Henry Thomsen had a group trying to survive Pony Wars

James and Chris Sagen introduced a group to Valour and Fortitude, the newish Napoleonic War rules.

Paul Hannah, Andy Hooper, and Craig Steed enjoyed the best venue on earth while walking through some interesting DBA scenarios.

Mark Serafin, Darcy Town, Kurt Weihs, Scott Murphy, Karen Waddington, Dean Motoyama and Tom Bieker joined me in a nostalgic moment as I hauled out my 1/48th scale Golden Age Air Racing. It was fun. I had to revisit some rules and do some repair on my planes which have been in storage for the last decade or so. Still, it was quite the fun game. With the exception of Tom, who sadly ran out of fuel after the first lap, the entire group remained close together the going into the final turn. Darcy and Kurt ended in a virtual tie until Darcy’s Laird Solution stalled its engine. A really fun game. This could become an annual thing.

A simply terrific day with terrific people. Can’t wait ’til next year.

4 comments on “Museum of Flight 2022

  1. Anonymous says:

    A great return to this wonderful venue, Kevin. Thank you very much for arranging this with the museum again. Hopefully we were good stewards and will be invited back again. Also, loved playing in your air race game. Dean

  2. Comrade says:

    What a cool experience! I might be interested in attending or running a game next year.

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