305: When Too Many Serbs is Not Too Many

I had plans for September. They involved painting my usual mix of Spanish-American War 28’s some ships and progress on my 1914 project. I finished August with my batch o’ Serbian cavalry and dutifully started work on my infantry–and then more Serbs arrived from Kallistra. I put my head down and decided to finish the lot. This morning I did just that. There were a lot of them. These are 12mm figures, so it’s not like I’m painting 28mm Napoleonics or Highlanders or something like that, but 305 is a whole lot of figures and I’ve never completed anything like that in a month or anything like it.

The Serbs are interesting because all troops aren’t the same. The army is divided into Class 1, 2 and 3. The Class or Call or Ban 1 troops form the bulk of the regular army and have the 1909 khaki uniforms. Okay, you can make the argument that they are a little greener than my figures, but I used the Vallejo khaki color which is more green than tan .

Reservists are in blue. I used Vallejo Prussian blue. I lightened this with Sky Grey and dry brushed a bit before washing with Army Painter Blue Wash. Don’t know how much of difference it made. The sajkaka or funky Serbian hat and the pants were Vallejo Light Grey.

Painting this many figures was kind of an effort of will, and required a lot of machine-like work. It was consistent painting–mostly in the evening watching Mariners games. It also required preparation for the next unit as well as basing. So one is getting ready to paint-glue dots and priming, actual painting, and basing. It was a process that works, but I can’t say that I loved it.

October will be about finishing the BEF and then 1914 will be complete and I can focus on playing the game. I thought about getting a bunch of Germans, but Great Escape Games is out of them, and right now I think that’s a good thing. I also have a little trip to San Diego planned for the middle of the month, so I’ll have less time.

I didn’t enter my figure count for August. I painted a bunch of 12mm British, those same guys I hope to finish in October, as well as some 28mm Spanish for the Spanish American War. My figure total was 129.

In September my numbers look something like this–all 12mm Kallistra figures.

36 mounted Serbian cavalry

45 dismounted Serbian cavalry–includes machine gun figures

16 Serbian guns and gunners

8 Serbian command figures

184 Serbian infantry figures

16 Great Escape Games highlanders plus machine gun

Total = 305

My total through July was 554.

August 129 + 554 = 683

September 305 + 683 = 989

I’m getting dangerously close to the promised land. Unfortunately I’ve also bought a pile of figures too, including all those little 12mm dude. Oh, well. Still, a big accomplishment.

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