July’s Count, 1914 and a 3D Printer

August 1st is here. July was a month. It was the month we held Casey’s memorial service. It was the month Lorri and I opened a small space in 3rd Street Antiques and all the preparation for that. It was a month we participated in two garage sales. Needless to say there was a lot going on. Hanging over all of it, however, was Casey. It was a month in which I played a two games of any kind, only one of them a miniatures game, an enjoyable SAGA game with David Sullivan.

Even so, things seems to be moving back to something more normal. I’ve never stopped painting, as you will see. I began working on Enfilade and NHMGS stuff again. I am gaming twice this week, thanks to the Weekend Warrior group that plays SAGA on Wednesdays. No I don’t understand the name either, but honestly, when you’re retired, everyday is the weekend so it works. I’ll finally make it to one of Dean Motoyama’s extravaganza’s on Friday–so Napoleon in Egypt using Rebels and Patriots. Love Rebels and Patriots so I’m excited. August looks to be somewhat better.

Every aspect of the hobby, the painting, the reading, the movies, but most especially the friends have been a terrific balm on what has been a pretty open wound. I appreciated all of it before June 4th. I appreciate it even more now.

So not a lot of gaming, but I did get a lot done. First, I was hoping to get a fair number of Spanish American War figures painted. And I definitely got some finished. Not as many as I’d like, but two units of Spanish sailors are done. Admiral Cervera stripped his cruiser of crew to defend Santiago during the battles of the heights-El Caney and San Juan Hill-which were pretty well fortified. The sailors received special uniforms including a cute hat and, gulp, rayadillo duds. Unfortunately the Old Glory sailors have them in blouses, bell bottoms and flat hats plus a Mauser. I was happy to paint ’em as is. I also am about 70% finished with some American Buffalo Soldiers (10th Cavalry) by 1898 Miniaturas. Hope to have them done this week.

I also got some ships painted. I tackled some of my recently acquired Superior ships. For the Americans I had a pair of Farragut class that would have fought at the Komandorski Island battles in the boring Measure 21 camouflage. I need to get a few more Japanese done to flesh out that navy for that battle.

In addition I painted the USS Juneau. This is an Atlanta class anti-aircraft cruiser that together with her sister participated in the First Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, November 13, 1942. Juneau was badly damaged in the battle and was later sunk by a Japanese submarine on her way to repairs, suffering incredible loss of life. The Juneau is painted in this love hybrid combination of Measure 12 and Measure 22 camo. It was quite fun to paint something so different.

The last ships painted were four older Japanese destroyers that mostly had a role as destroyer/transports in the Solomons campaigns. there are two Mutsuki class and two Wakatakes to add to the single examples I already had.

August will be a month to paint up the remaining destroyers I have for both sides before tackling the cruisers I have for the USN and IJN.

Last month I mentioned 1914, the Great Escape Games rules for the opening days of the Great War. Well, I’ve jumped in whole-heartedly. I’ve finished most of my British figures. My tub o’ dudes shows two mounted lancer regiments with their dismounted counterparts, two battalions of infantry, two 18pdrs and an eight inch howitzer. That’s about sixty percent of the figures I have in hand. However more are on the way.

It’s a period I’ve always wished I could do. A bunch of “the guys” are doing it too. It has a lot of nostalgic ties to my grandfather so I couldn’t say no.

They paint up really quickly so it’s not like it a 28mm project that requires tons of focus on just that one thing. I have a second British brigade coming. I’ve also ordered the Kallistra Serbs just so the Austrians have someone else to slap around. After that I’ll take stock, but I’m not opposed to ordering some Germans too.

Anxious to try the rules. David and I will try the rules on August 23rd, the anniversary of the Battle of Mons.

Finally, I’ve taken the plunge and purchased a 3D printer. I bought an Elegoo Saturn S resin printer. I’ve had it about two weeks and made two prints, neither 100% successfully. There is certainly a trick to figuring it out and everything is quite a process. I want to be sure I’m getting it cleaned properly and am waiting on a couple of things before making my next effort.

Mostly I see the printer for naval stuff. David Manley has a great range of 1/600 ACW naval stuff. I have run across some other STLs for WWII ships. There are lots of terrain pieces worth printing, so it could be a money saving venture. Or perhaps just a hobby unto itself. Definitely a bit of a learning curve for me.

Ah, and now the important stuff. This was a very productive July. Little bit of cheatin’ involved because painting the 12’s is so easy, but a figure is a figure is a figure according to my own rules.

20 X 28mm Gripping Beast SAGA figures

24 X 28mm Old Glory Spanish Sailors for SAW

7 X 1/1200 scale WWII Ships

80 X 12mm Old Contemptibles

Monthly total 131 figures

Total through June = 423

New total=554

5 comments on “July’s Count, 1914 and a 3D Printer

  1. Great monthly total there, especially for an otherwise full month.
    I’ve struggled a bit with my printer getting it ‘dialed in’. Printing in a warmer location seemed to be the latest snag to discover (my printer is in a cool basement so the resin flows a bit too slow….I’ve been warming the enclosure to about 80F and it dramatically improved my results). Slowing down the lift speed also seems to help a lot.

    The ww1 troopers look great. I’m trying to figure out the scale….seems a bit wee for 15mm, but too detailed for 6mm.

  2. kgsmyth55 says:

    Thanks for the advice on the 3D printing. Very much trying to figure it out. The WWI figures are all by Great Escape Games and they are 12 mm, which is a very weird scale, but fun to work with. Kallistra also has a range of 12mm WWI figures.

  3. Keith says:

    It would have been a very hard month to get through Kev but I am pleased you are able to find some distraction and pleasure in our hobby. Coincidentally, my gaming mate Jukian just got a copy of 1914 form GEG and we played our first game last Friday (in 28mm scale) and a second outing of the rules is planned this Friday too. If you don’t mind Ma asking, what is the approximate cost if a decent 3D printer and also, how much does the resin or whatever set you back? I have a slight interest but I might wait another couple of years till they are ten a penny….you know how technology develops nowadays….

  4. kgsmyth55 says:

    My printer is an Elegoo Saturn S. I bought it because of its large build plate. I wanted it to handle long ship hulls. I bought the printer and washing/curing station for just over $600 after saving about $140 on Amazon Prime day. There are other less expensive resin printers. A kilogram of resin (I use Elegoo gray, but there are other types) costs about $26.

  5. kgsmyth55 says:

    Keith, just one more follow up. There are less expensive resin printers. Elegoo’s Mars series and Anycubic’s Photon series can be less expensive. It all depends on the size of the builds you want to do. It isn’t the size of the build plate it’s the size of the LCD screen that determines the size of the prints.

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