Catching up With the Count and the coming of 1914

Smyth Shipyard’s painted Americans so far. Nine destroyers and three cruisers.

Way back in March I was doing a great job of keeping a monthly count of figures painted and figures purchased. Well, things have fallen by the wayside a bit, and I haven’t done as good a job, at least not here. Just to step back and do some recounting, at the end of March my painted figure count was 257. I was also lamenting the fact that I was buying a lot more than I was painting.

Unfortunately, this pattern has continued, sort of. There was the pile o’ships I got. Then I added to that pile. I think I’m +2 on the painted vs. adds now. I added 20 figures to my Norse Irish SAGA army, and I’m in the middle of painting those now.

Most importantly my monthly totals since March look something like this:

April–84 figures painted

May–26 figures painted (Enfilade really did me in.)

June–46 figures painted

2022 totals to date: 423

Lately, I’ve continued to work on my ships. Finished the two XP Forge printed ships I purchased. I’ve learned a lot about American paint schemes during WWII. A lot of my ships are in the Measure 21/22 camo that have basic blue gray horizontal and vertical surfaces. The Richmond in Measure 32 is different with the later war blocky camo.

Like I said, I’m also working on my SAGA guys. I’m hoping to have all the additional hearthguard and kern figures ready for a game on the 13th.

I’ve also headed down a rabbit hole with most of my friends. They are preparing armies for a set of rules called 1914 that is kind of a one on one Guns of August set of rules. I really tried to stay out of this–but couldn’t. My grandfather was an Old Contemptible so I ordered the rules and figures for the British. They have the virtue of being 12mm figures, so they should paint up quickly and I can get on to other stuff. We’ll see.


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