June Is Now My Least Favorite Month

Superior Destroyers-Gearing class, Walke (Sumner Class), Selfridge (Porter Class), Livermore Class

June began as a really crappy month. The weather here in the Northwest was unseasonably cool and wet. I’m not a gardening aficionado, but I do like working in my yard and the persistent rain and cool weather was making mess of things.

On June 4th, when we learned Casey passed away it put a hold on everything. Gardening, there was no time for it even if the weather was decent because my life was spent clearing out his apartment, getting to the funeral home and all the bits and tasks that go with preparing for the departure of a close loved one.

I did squeeze in a game in June. I’m glad I did. I met with David Sullivan and Dave Schueler at Daveshoe’s house for a Rebels and Patriots Mexican War game. I sure had a good time and it got me away from other things that were more important, but it helped me in my own head a lot.

The gaming community has been so kind to Lorri and I in their wishes. My close friends have tried hard to be supportive while knowing I have this other stuff going on too. It’s hard to know what the right things to do and say are. And they’ve been from everywhere too. Guys I know in Florida and California. The White Rock Gamers from British Columbia sent beautiful flowers. Everyone gets it and I am so grateful.

Casey’s memorial is scheduled for July 10th, and once that is over, I’ll be able to devote a lot more of my energy to healing myself and my family. It’s been really hard, but I feel like a couple of weeks from now we can take some first steps toward coming to grips with this.

I swear this is the last time I’ll post about this, but Casey’s loss has affected us from bow to stern and keel to topmast.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything. In fact, I would suggest that being able to devote some time and energy to this wonderful hobby has spared me some of the down time that really leads to some depression. No, that doesn’t mean I’m dodging my feelings; I’m just coping with them in a way that helps me.

June was an interesting month for painting. I spent most of the first part of the month working on my 1/1200 ships. Chiefly Americans and mostly destroyers. I had a mix of DD’s of all different classes which allowed me to paint a variety of different schemes, from the mottled look of the Measure 12 Sims class, to the late war Sumner class in Measure 32. Mostly, however, I’m painting ships for 1942-43 and that means the unexciting Measure 21 and Measure 22 Camouflage, which is a mixture of dark blue gray over dark blue gray. Fairly unexciting.

USS Selfridge (Porter class) in Measure 21 scheme. Deck Blue horizontal surface, Sea Blue vertical surfaces.
USS Walke (Sumner Class) in Measure 32 scheme. This is a later war destroyer and later war paint scheme
Light Cruiser Richmond in Measure 22 camouflage.

I’m using the Life Color acrylics which are intended to resemble the official colors for the period. I have a Japanese set as well as an American set. I really like the colors, though they often seem to require a second coat. If I primed in gray it might be different. I’ve cruised through nearly all of a bottle of deck blue and have found a place where I can order single bottles, so I sent off for more.

I also painted some 28mm figures. I polished off the Foundry Contra-Guerrillas for Maximilian. But most of my time went to painting some Old Glory British Legion infantry figures I’ve had lying about for a while. I have some AWI figures for Rebels and Patriots, but could stand a few more and I may eek out a few more units before the end of the year.

July will be a little more productive. I hope. I’m working on a pair of printed US ships, an Omaha class and a Benson class. The prints are just okay, but I always paint whatever is in front of my face. The Benson will be in the gray on gray Measure 21. The Richmond (Omaha class) will be challenging in its Measure 32 camo as it appeared after its Bremerton rebuild in 1944.

I also have twenty 28mm SAGA figures I’m going to finish. They’ll complete my Norse Irish army and provide some options too. Playing on the 13th so I’m hoping they might be done.

Beyond that, I’m going to focus on my shipbuilding. The Smyth yards are definitely open. Lots of destroyers and cruisers–Americans and Japanese. In the 28mm department, I’m reading David Trask’s wonderful history of the Spanish American War, and I think I’ll be painting my significant wad of those guys. Rayadillo galore. Not quite sure how much I have anymore, but I guess I’m about to find out.

2 comments on “June Is Now My Least Favorite Month

  1. keith says:

    Nice work on the ships and the OG figures. I did not leave a comment on your previous post as I do not think I have visited your blog often and felt its not really my place to comment on such a sensitive subject as the loss of your son – however, as my eldest daughter died on 27 June seven years ago at the age of 23, I did feel I could make a comment on the fact that it is a very hard to come to terms with initially but it does get better and you are doing the right thing, trying to carry on life as usual, with games, and meeting friends whose company you enjoy etc. Our situation was a bit different in that our daughter had profound special needs and her death at a young age was not unexpected, but as it happened when we were on holiday in the UK (literally the other side of the world) with our two younger children, it was a pretty traumatic event…one I am not sure my wife has/will ever really completely “get over”, 24 July will be the anniversary of her funeral – it had to wait for us to return from the UK as we decided we should carry on with our first real holiday in a decade, her death occurring on around the third day of a three week trip….

  2. kgsmyth55 says:

    Keith, I’m so sorry to hear your story. I can’t imagine being unable to get home. Everyone handles death differently and there certainly is no correct answer. My friends have so “been there” for me and I think that’s what I really needed. My wife is still very much struggling to get started as is my oldest son. Still early in the process. Thanks so much for your kind words and your understanding. i truly appreciate it.

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