A March to remember, but perhaps not repeat

Yes, it; time for my end of month round-up. Yes, it’s late. But when you’re retired you lose track of time. Plus, my wife just had knee replacement surgery and is off work, When we’re both off an at home we can’t even remember the day of the week, so if I am a bit late, well, excuuuusssseeee me!

There was a lot going on in March. Lorri and I took an amazing vacation to Temecula, California where we did a lot of relaxing and took in a lot of the wine country of that city, tucked away in northeaster San Diego county. Yes, we drank a lot of wine, bought a lot of wine, tasted a lot of wine. It was a wine thing. We were gone a week, but preparations and recovery seemed to suck up a couple more days.

Five days after getting home, Lorri had her knee surgery. Let’s just cut to the chase, she’s doing great. Her ortho doc said it was one of the ugliest looking knees he’s seen and thinks she’ll get some immediate relief. It’s been ten days since the surgery, and even though there’s pain and struggle at times, a blind man could see she’s doing better.

I share all this stuff to make excuses for my puny paint totals for March. I say that, but I did paint, and I did get stuff done. I also really like what I got done too.

First, I finished all my Gringo 40’s Republican cavalry for Maximilian. The irregular horse can be used for the Mexican War too. They are miniaturas gigantes. Really big. But I love ’em. They will appear with the attacking Republican forces in my Enfilade game “The Matehuala Two-Step” and should literally scare the crap out of the Imperial forces they’ll be facing.

The last week or so of the month (which is all I had left) allowed me to shift gears and begin working on an army for SAGA. I have a couple of Tacoma friends who play SAGA, Age of Vikings, so I thought I needed to get in on the ground floor. I bought a Gripping Beast Norse-Gael army. I’ll do a review later. I’ve managed to get some of these figures done. There simply aren’t that many needed, something on the order of 45 figures for a typical six-point army. I’ve finished the first sixteen, plus a hero and a warlord figure. More are well down the road to completion.

Gripping Beast Irish kerns for SAGA
Gripping Beast hearthguard for the Norse-Gaels

This was also a month of many new purchases, sadly. Let’s settle up and see where we are

1 X 6 28mm Republican dragoons by Gringo 40’s

3 X 6 28mm Republican irregular horse by Gringo 40’s

1 X 4 28mm Norse-Gael hearthguard by Gripping Beast

2 X1 28mm Norse-Gael Warlord and Hero by Gripping Beast

1 X 12 28mm Irish Kerns by Gripping Beast

March total = 42 figures

2022 total = 257

Purchases (ugh)

Gringo 40’s Maximillian figures 30 figures

Foundry Maximilian figures 36 figures

Front Rank Limbers and Oxen 6 figures

Gripping Beast Norse-Gael figures (from Badger Games) 13 figures

Foundry Mexican figures (from Badger Games) 7 figures

Total figures purchased in March = 92

We’re going the wrong direction here

April plans are to wrap up the SAGA figures. I’ve actually already completed 12 for April. I have another 16 to complete. Eight of those will be plastic, but they all need to be completed before April 12th when I’ll get together with friends to play my first game of SAGA.

After that it’s back to cracking the whip for my Enfilade Maximilian game. I still have artillery and limbers I want to finish for both sides. There are also some Republican Rurales cavalry I’d like to get done. I have piles more figures to paint for this project, but those are the must-do’s for my game on May 27th.

Last, but certainly not least, I need to finish remounting all my Maximilian figures. I’ve been able to remount all the Mexicans. That is some seven units of irregular infantry, four units of regular infantry, and three units of cavalry. Only the French are left and I’ll start on those guys this week. It’s a big job. I’ve kept Kenneth Litko very happy.

One comment on “A March to remember, but perhaps not repeat

  1. Jonathan Freitag says:

    Painting 42 x 28mm figures looks respectable to me. No need to be so hard on yourself. Hope your Enfilade! Maximilian Adventure game is a success.

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