February Wrap

February is a short month, but that didn’t stop me from doing a lot of stuff. Got in some games, painted lots of figures and even placed my first order of the year.

Early in the month I renewed my friendship with some great guys from the old days, Scott and Kurt. They are playing SAGA. That was problematic for me because I’ve pretty much abandoned ancients. My last hurrah was DBA and I still have all my painted DBA armies. I haven’t done anything with them in more than five years and I’d honestly like to bid them farewell. Other ancient rules have come and gone. I’m not a Hail Caesar person. I don’t care for tournaments. But in watching the SAGA rules I was intrigued. I like the interesting dice and the use of the battle boards. There’s a lot of nuance in the game between the die rolls, the use of fatigue, some interesting choices to make.

I purchased a Norse-Gael army and some plastic Dark Age Irish by Gripping Beast to fill them out. The figures have arrived, but I’m waiting on some shield transfers to start work on them. Still need official dice and measuring devices.

Gaming with Scott and Kurt generated a couple of great games. I roped David Sullivan and Michael Koznarsky into getting together at the Game Matrix. We played Rebels and Patriots and David and I dragged out our Mexican War figures for a first trial. It went well. The Americans won, but Scott and Kurt played the rules for the first time. They didn’t utterly dismiss them, so it was a good day.

Last week we played Song of Drums and Tomahawks by Ganesha Games with our 17th Century Indians and David’s handful of Dutch. David, Scott and Kurt were able to slap Michael and I around pretty good after some bad execution on both our parts and some really bad die rolling by me. The most important part, however was renewing those connections and I really enjoyed it. They are great guys.

It was a pretty stupendous painting month.

1 X 6 Mexican cavalry by Gringo 40’s

1 X 8 Camerone defenders by Wargames Foundry

1 X 40 Von Bose Regiment for Regimental Fire and Fury by Old Glory

4 X 12 Imperial Infantry for The Maximilian Advenure by Wargames Foundry

2 X 1/600 ACW vessels by Brown Water Navy

114 figures painted for February

218 figures painted for the year.

50 figures purchased.

Gringo 40’s Mexican cavalry. Beautiful, if really huge figures.
Von Bose Regiment from Old Glory. Forty figures strong.
Brown Water Navy Cincinnati with protected wheel house. This is a wonderful model by Matt Lawson. The second vessel is a stern wheel transport in the background.

March promises to be strange because there is a lot going on. We leave for a welcome vacation to Southern California on the 11th and we are gone for a week. Lorri has knee replacement surgery scheduled for March 24th and I will be helping out with her recovery. I should still have plenty of time to paint, but gaming time might be thin.

3 comments on “February Wrap

  1. wabcornerjr says:

    So you don’t care for Hail Caesar, huh? Lol! Nice game you and David put on. BTW, curious to know how Song of Drums compares with Muskets and Tomahawks.

  2. kgsmyth55 says:

    Dean, that’s a great question. I haven’t played Muskets and Tomahawks. I like Song of Drums because the activation is simple and applies to a bunch of different rules sets. It also has really small commands. We used eight figures per player and there were five us, so between David and I that was just forty figs.

    • wabcornerjr says:

      Ah, thought you may have tried M&T a while back. I played a couple of M&T a few years ago, and now remember it’s card activated so probably a bit different in flavor. Not a lot of figures are needed also though.

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