November is Gone and December is . . . Weird

I’m racing toward the end of the month-hey, that’s tomorrow-trying to finish up an item or two. November was not a super painting month. I’m likely to finish the month with 61 painted figures. Not bad. But not as good as October, which was one of those rare 100 figure months (102 to be exact.) I am shooting to be in the 50-70 figure range, so November will be right in the middle.

Most of my completed figures come from the Mexican War project, which is one of those weird projects derived from a moment of mass hysteria. David Sullivan suggested MAW or the Texas Revolution, ten minutes later there were four or five of us ordering figures. How does this happen?

In any case, I finished the 24 figures of Mexican line infantry from the 3rd Regiment. Then I moved on to a Mexican artillery piece, and wrapped up with 24 units from 3rd Light infantry. The latter were not some of my favorite guys to paint. They really were a slog and I was glad to see them finished. The 1st Corps light infantry figures are nice, but just wrong. They should have shorter coats instead of the long tails as with the line troops. Because the turnback tails are piped instead of a block red, they are more challenging to paints. The rest of the unit is piped red too, so just more going on. Ah, I whine too much. They’re finished and I’m happy to call it good.

The Mexican American War project still has more pieces to get through. I have one of the two Mexican light cavalry units presently under the brush. There is a second as well. Sounds like a lot, but they are only six figure units. I’ll wrap up with a fistful of Americans, 24 infantry, six dragoons and a gun. Am hoping to trudge through all of these in December, but that’s going to be a busy month.

I’m also working on my Lissa project. I have seven 1/600 scale ships from Bay Area Yards to complete for my share of the game. This is an Enfilade project I’m doing with Dave Schueler and John Gee. Dave and I have split the Italians (though in the actual the Italians effectively split themselves, and the Austrians did okay at splitting them too.) The ships are hulls only and I’ve taken to making my own masts, applying ratlines and rigging as appropriate. I’ve learned a lot from this process. I used to see George Kettler’s beautiful ship miniatures and wonder how did ’em, and now I get it sort of. I’ve completed Affondatore, Principe de Carignanon, Terribile, and Forrmidabile. I have gotten a slight start on Re D’Italia, and will also have Ancona and San Martino to wrap things up. Timeline is, again, the end of December. But there is a complication.

Bay model of the turreted Affondatore
Terribile and Formidabile are the smallest of the Italian ironclads
Principe de Carignano required the most rigging work of the four. I also added fighting platforms.

Lorri and I are actually getting away for a week. Out twice canceled cruise to Mexico is back in business, Omicron variant be damned. I’m vaccinated and boosted, prepared to further inoculate myself with prodigious quantities of gin. I will be safe. But without paints, brushes and figures. I’ll lose a week of paint time.

One more quick add. Sometimes it’s fun to have a vanity figure. I completed the Bay Area model of the French armored ship of the line Magenta because it just looked so cool.

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