War Times Journal Coastal Fortifications

About November, when we were discussing playing the Manila Bay game from our campaign, John raised a great question: does anyone have any coastal fortifications? He was interested in 1/1000 scale forts because that was the scale of the game we were going to play. But it sent off an alarm bell in my head. Hey what about 1/1250 fortifications? I hadn’t see any, couldn’t find any.

Turns out I wasn’t looking hard enough, because War Times Journal, bless ’em have four different coastal fortifications. My very tardy order from WTJ arrived last week with three of these to add to the one I already had. I’ve painted them up, so let’s take a look.

This is Shore Battery #1. Intended to be secondary strength guns, Definitely a more modern, i.e. early 20th century feel to it. Nice. Love the trench and the observation post

Shore Battery #2 is my favorite. These are larger cannon, 10-12 inches. Again mice detail. What makes this cool is that there is a gun that is extended for firing and one retracted for loading, like the guns on “disappearing carriages” at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island or from the forts on Subic Bay in the Philippines.

Shore Battery #3 takes us back to smaller cannon. The WTJ description claims it’s an earthwork. I’m not seeing it because it’s all straight lines. I didn’t paint it as an earthwork. It appears to have some damage, which I like.

Shore Battery #4 is a late 19th century battery, and that I can see. All medium to light guns. Again some nice details.

These are all nicely printed in plastic. They need to be soaked in detergent to remove the impurities before printing and priming. My paint jobs are pretty basic. Base coat of Vallejo Light Gray, dry-brushed with Vallejo Sky Gray. Dirt areas are Ceramcoat Burnt Umber dry-brushed with Ceramcoat Trail Tan. Gun barrels are all Ceramcoat Charcoal. Add judicious amounts of flock and life is good.

Each of these miniature are nice models. They range from about two inches in length to about three and a half inches. They have some clever detail, including staircases, trenches, observation posts, and decent gun detail for something so small.

As with all of WTJ’s plastic printed miniatures, they are not cheap. They range in price from $20.25 for Shore Battery #4 to $29.25 for Shore Battery #1. However, they do seem indispensable for the Pre-Dreadnaught era


One comment on “War Times Journal Coastal Fortifications

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those look good to me.



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