February Wrap

Gringo 40’s Marines on the painting table. They’re about 30% done and definitely a March focus of attention.

February was a terrific month for me. I started working down a path that will start a business. A few months ago I became a notary public in Washington state. I’ve taken some training, and I’m getting ready to be a notary signing agent or NSA that will let me be one of those folks who come to your house and help you sign all the closing docs when buying a new house or doing a re-fi. I’m not trying to make a bunch of money, just looking to make sure I can keep that steady stream of miniatures coming as needed.

I managed to sneak in the one miniatures games with Michael and George. I wrapped up the Splendid Little War campaign with Dave and John. Both show there is hope for a game some time in the future.

It was a decent month for painting. I also acquired some figures, which will probably be the case many months. Not quite so many new figures as January, which I also expect to be the case. I made two relatively small orders to Gringo 40’s for Vietnam figures, and altogether picked up 30 figures. They were pretty equally divided between Marines, NVA and Viet Cong. When I receive my tax return, I’ll make another order that is mostly focused on heavy weapons and multi person sets, such as mortars and command bits.

1/1250 coastal fortifications by War Times Journal. Should be done by tomorrow.l

What did my month look like?

1/300 Airplanes: 6/150 Nothing new here to report. Not sure there will be for March either, but maybe if something grabs me.

1/1250 ships: 16/50 I did wrap up a few things from my very small pile as a Shapeways order arrived mid-month. I painted the Spanish auxiliary cruiser Rapido and the little gunboat Destructor for the Spanish Navy. I also added cruisers to the American navy. The ancient and fully masted Newark joined the fleet. I also added Cincinnati and Albany in their 1898 navy gray. A week ago my missing War Times Journal order arrived, so there will be a few more items completed in March.

28mm figures: 83/400: It was a pretty good month for 28’s. I finished those 8 NVA figures that were almost, but not quite, wrapped up for January. I also finished a handful of Viet Cong figures. Nice miniatures. I received more of each last week. So they’ll be in the to-do pile for March. But most of the figures I worked on in February was my stash of Old Glory Woodland Indians. I finished 36 figures, and they join my completed America Rampant pile. It also wraps up what I have which is nice.

54mm figures: 1 This is a bonus figure. Each month I generally set goals for myself and if I achieve those, I take on something different, dare I say fun. I have a stash of the “Big Boys” as Doug Hamm likes to call them. Many figures from 54mm-90mm. I’m not very good at painting them very well, but I like to pretend. I painted Imrie Risley’s David G. Farragut figure and he turned out okay. Face needs work, but I don’t feel like I had a lot to work with. Next up will be an old Monogram Berdan’s Sharpshooter. Not sure when I’ll get to it.

The really poor lighting doesn’t to much to show of the shading and highlighting of the Imrie-Risley figure of David Farragut. It was something different and much fun to paint.

March, I’ll continue to work on my Gringo 40’s figures. I have about 24 to work on. In between batches I’ll continue working on wrapping up my America Rampant troops. I just have Spanish left, some 36 foot figures and one unit’s worth of Cuera mounted militia. They are both fun to paint and shouldn’t take too long to paint. Would love to have all the work on these guys done by the end of the month, but April for sure.

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