Plans, Those Cursed Plans!

I am a planner by nature. I don’t know if it was 36 years of teaching, or I know that if I don’t plan for something I’ll do nothing, or what the deal is. I just know I like to have a plan.

Be honest, though, it’s a tough year to have a plan. I plan for games, especially convention games and let’s be clear–who knows when the next convention game will be and who will want to play in it? Not only that, but all my games for Enfilade 2020 are finished–just need to get ’em out on the table.

So what does 2021 look like? What I’m I gonna do? Games may be hard to come by, but I will always paint. So here are some thoughts.

In my last post, I mentioned acquiring some of the Vietnam range from Gringo40’s. There are piles of different figures-USMC, NVA, VC and others. I’m really interested in mostly small arms stuff–though I gotta say the idea of an ONTOS gets me thinking. In any case, this qualifies as something new, but I’m not in a hurry to acquire them. I’m looking at singly mounted skirmish rules that would require maybe 30 figures for a game. But honestly I’m just attracted to the figures. They are very nice. I have some on the way and will share them when they arrive.

An Ontos for a Vietnam project might be hard to resist.

Sticking with 28mm figures, I’m also going to work on some existing stuff. I’ve got 72 Old Glory Woodland Indians for America Rampant that will be mounted on a 3-2-1 system. I have a few Spanish cavalry for the project too. In addition, I’ve ordered some additional Spanish foot to fill out my existing units. Finishing America Rampant is number one on my hit parade.

Another 28mm project would be working on some of my American Revolution figures. I have quite a few figures, but I definitely want to finish my Prussian Regt. Von Bose and the 23rd Regt (Royal Welsh Fusiliers) for Regimental Fire and Fury. I have some Warlord plastic militia figures I wouldn’t mind completing as well.

There are and always will be ships in my life. I’ll continue working on my Spanish and American 1/1250th stuff, and I will probably add some Italians and Japanese. The Italians, well, because nobody has much. The Japanese because I want to give the Americans in the Philippines something else to shoot at.

My ship collection has gone from about a dozen ships to 105 plus about 15 unpainted unbuilt 1/1250 scale ships

Jon Freitag, a regular reader of this blog passed along some Spanish Houston’s ships models and I really look forward to working on those guys. I might also put the word out that I’m interested in any and all ships from this sadly discontinued range.

And there are my 1/600 ACW ships. I’d like to finish Richmond and Minnesota, my two remaining ships. Then there are more I’d like to add. Thoroughbred offerings continue to be my go-to, but there are some good looking iterations of the City-class ironclads by Brown Water Navy I’d like to give a try.

Finally, I will continue painting my stack of planes. I’m still plowing through my many Japanese aircraft. I probably have 40 or so left to go. I could see myself adding more Nells and Bettys because I think I only have four of each. However, my thinking is when they’re done they’re done. I have a lot of B-25’s and B-24J’s to paint for Rabaul, but project-wise I’m probably looking at a shift to Vietnam. I’ve had the planes to do it a long time, I need to get on with it.

So there, I’ve kind of laid out some parameters for the year. I think some numbers projections are in order.

I’m thinking minimum 400 28mm figures

1/1250 and 1/1000 scale ships–50

1/300is scale planes–150

The really good news is I really don’t need to do a lot of buying to meet these goals. Not that there won’t be some purchases made because–I am a historical miniature gamer.

That should keep me busy. Just to be clear, yesterday I completed two Japanese KI-46 Dinah reconnaissance planes, three KI-45 Nick heavy fighters, and a M6A Seiran float plane (I might snag a few more of these for a sub attack on the Panama Canal.) So I’m good for 6 of 150 planes.

Before closing I should report on my end of the year painting rush.

28mm figures–72/60 Wrapped the year up by painting all of my 28mm Wayne’s Legion figures

1/1250 ships–28/40 It took a long time to get my ships and then when I did I kind of crapped out. However, I have added a pile of really bad Spanish unprotected cruisers to my collection and I don’t think many others can say that.

1/300ish planes 37/50–Yeah, no good excuses here. I just kind of coasted the last week of the year.

Here’s to hoping 2021 is somehow better than 2020. Happy new year and best wishes to each and every one of you.

3 comments on “Plans, Those Cursed Plans!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gringo 40s are really nice. Wish they matched up better with the Empress Vietnam line. Hopefully you will complete your Nam painting about the same time we all get vaccinated. I have all the Nam opponents you need!!

  2. Randy Miles says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Interesting you buying Gringo 40s.
    I have a ton of TAG Nam figures I have played with for years.
    I picked up some Gringo 40s and Empress figures a number of months ago.
    I really like both sets of figures.
    Gringos are much bigger that Empress.
    Empress match my TAG figures much better.
    So,I decided that I would go with Empress.
    They also have a much larger range of figures
    including an Ontos, PBR and lots of other cool stuff.
    Take care and Happy New Year.

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      Gerat to hear from you Randy. I think there are some great figures out there for period besides Gringo40’s I think the Empress figures are really nice. I just like the individual nature of the Gringo40’s guys. It’s just one of those things where the range of figures really got me. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hope to see you in 2021. My fingers are crossed.

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