Ending October with Ships, Archers and Zeroes

October is ending with a sigh and a whimper. It has been a poor month for gaming. I’m managed to sneak in a game Chain of Command game in George’s basement, but that’s about it. A little board gaming with Dave and that’s all.

I have painted. Painting kind of saves me from me. I’m dieting again. Still. I’ve had some success. Lorri and I are on the NOOM diet, which is just kind of sensible reduced calorie stuff. Painting keeps me away from food. I’ve lost about 25+ pounds since retirement, and hope to lose more.

In my last entry I set some goals. I’ve pretty much stuck to those.

I finished October with seven ships painted. The firsts of these are two American ships, the armed yachts Vixen and Gloucester. The US Navy acquired a number of fancy-schmancy yachts from rich Americans at the start of the Spanish-American War, painted them in gray and gave them mostly light armament-revolving Hotchkiss quick firing guns to deal with small Spanish vessels during the war. These two vessels engaged the Spanish destroyers Pluton and Furor as they came out of Santiago, drove one ashore in wrecked condition and blew up the other. Not bad for a couple of fancy pants ships. The two models are by War Times Journal and join my Hai model of the Scorpion for the upper crust arm of my American fleet.

First ship is the Hai Scorpion, a very nice model. Top is Vixen and to the rear is Gloucester. Gloucester and Vixen are Wartimes Journal models.

The rest of the ships are Spanish. First up are ships from Brown Water Navy. I’ve already mentioned the destroyers Furor and Pluton and these are they. Trapped with the pile of Spanish armored cruisers at Santiago, they trailed the bigger ships by about 1,200 yards and were fairly easy pickings when they emerged into open waters. They were chased down by the yachts and their ending was not pretty. Nice miniatures. I continue to be impressed by Matt Lawson’s work. The other BWN ship is the cruiser Numancia. By 1898, despite a recent modernization, Numancia is a relic of the Ironclad Age, with iron armor. I decided to show her in Spanish American War decor, with her three masts replaced by two armored masts. It was fun to build and paint.

Brown Water Navy Pluton and Furor models. Nicely detailed. These can be purchased as a pair at a nice discount. Very nice detail on pretty small models.

The last two vessels are from War Times Journal. They are the cruisers Lepanto and Reina Cristina. The former actually survived the war with the US, but her two sisters were not quite so fortunate. Lepanto has, according to my Shipbucket illustration, raked masts and funnels, but I couldn’t quite get those right. Poor unarmored Reina Cristina looks cool with her three masts but was no match for Dewey’s fleet at Manila Bay. Both are nice models, though not quite as nice as some of the other ships I have from this range.

My goal was to paint 40 ships by year’s end. I have many on order, but I would suggest this is the one that is most in danger of being unfulfilled.

This is my box o’ Spanish ships. Today the box has lots of room. Some day it will be full.

I am nearly done with twelve Old Glory mounted archers from their Hundred Years range. I’ve finished one unit this month and this is the last. My objective is to have a completed mounted retinue for Lion Rampant–which would make them ridiculously expensive points-wise. The figures are quite serviceable and I’ve had them crying softly for paint in a drawer for many years. I’m thrilled to have them done. The two units give me 24 figures toward my goal of 60 figures. I am confident in achieving this goal.

Old Glory mounted archers for Lion Rampant. I have three of these twelve-figure units. Had them for at least a decade. A few hours away from being done. Free at last.

I also stated a goal of painting 50 planes by the end of the year. I’ve been hard at work to decide what planes to focus on. Early in the month I painted some Raiden Japanese fighters-A6M2 Zekes and A6M3 Hamps, both versions of the famous agile Mitsubishi fighters. I made a little swap with George ten days ago and got a bunch more. I dug through all my bunch of planes and pulled out all the Japanese WWII miniatures I could locate. They’re going to be my prime focus to finish before the year is out. They’ll help me meet my goal.

I’ve wrapped up the Hamps, here

I’ve also painted all the A6M2’s, A6M3’s and A6M5’s George donated to the cause. I’m waiting for markings for them from Flight Deck Decals. These are all Raiden planes.

Zeroes painted and dullcoated. They need to be numbered and marked. I’ve ordered the hinomarus without the white borders that should go on the gray planes. Ho-hum.

Next on the docket is a pile of Japanese seaplanes I bought for a raid on a seaplane base–I was thinking Tulagi 1942. Could be something else. I have about a dozen, including Rufes, Jakes, Petes and a couple of the big Mavis flying boats. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to stick a peg in those little pontoons.

Rufes and Jakes by Scotia miniatures. Petes (the biplanes) by Raiden miniatures. A lot of breath-holding and silent curses assembling these guys.

November includes Thanksgiving and a vacation, but I plan to stick with my goals. I’ll keep painting Spanish and American ships as they arrive. Japanese planes of all kinds, and with the mounted archers pretty much done, I’ll switch over to wrapping up the leftover British grenadiers and light infantry I purchased for the Retreat From Concord project. This is my current status according to my goals. It doesn’t look super, but the archers and Zeroes are thiiisss close.

1/1250 ships: 7/40

1/300 planes: 6/50

28mm figures: 12/60

3 comments on “Ending October with Ships, Archers and Zeroes

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great stuff- love the aircraft.



  2. bryan. M. Booker says:

    It is good to see some long-owned units getting the paint they need for the tabletop.

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