Success! Cousin Kevin’s May Painting Challenge Completed!

Republicans 3

Philippine Republican infantry in mix of striped rayadillo uniforms “liberated” from Spanish supply depots in Manila in 1899.  Others wear mostly white.

I’m starting this post a little early.  Last night I finished 24 more Republicans, bringing me to 104 figures in the month of May.

100 figures is a lot to complete in a month. Well, it’s a lot for me at any rate.  When I threw down my latex gloves and posted the challenge, I had all kinds of silly things on my list of to-do’s, but in the end painting from a random assortment of goodies just doesn’t work well for me.  I’m pretty project-oriented, and as long as I’m working toward something big, I’ll get lots done.

In this case, I dragged out every Philippine figure I owned, cleaned it primed it and got it ready to paint.  When I began working I had 48 infantry, two guns and eight gunners and nine commanders to paint.  By Sunday, when this is all over, I’ll have no more than 12 infantry and the nine command figures left to go.

Just to give you, dear reader, a look into what all this means, this is what the completed Philippine army looks like

1 X 12  unit of Spanish mercenaries (yeah right, send me back to Cadiz please.)

9 X 12  units of Philippine Republic riflemen

5 X 18 units of local militia mixed bolo and shooters

3 X 3 command stands (because I like everything BIG with BIG command stands)

3 X 4 Lantaka artillery pieces (giggle)

Total 231 Philippine figures.

If anything there are more Americans  because there is a larger variety of troop types to draw from with regular and volunteer infantry, Marines, sailors, Philippine Constabulary, one mounted unit and a bunch of gun types.

To see how this all shakes out, completing the Americans will be my big summer painting project.

But I have more stuff I want to work on, because if I don’t I’ll pass out from sameness. Here are a few other items that will grab my attention:

  • 24 mounted longbowmen to wrap up my Lion Rampant longbow traveling circus.
  • A half dozen or so WWII  USAAF transports.
  • Two B-57 Canberra bombers and four F-100 Sabers in Vietnam camo.  They’re my guinea pigs painting the camo (and it freaks me out.)
  • Basing all my tiny ships when my Litko order comes, because those babies MUST be handled by the bases.
  • I ordered the Bay Area Yards Dunderberg, which just kind of grabs me.  But I also have several other 1/600, all masts all the time, along with some rigging wire, so I may try to do some of these bad boys too, as long as I don’t pull out all of my pandemic-long hair.

Doubtless there will be more that grabs at my ADD-like brain, but wrapping up the Philippine project and planning a game or two with them will be fun.

2 comments on “Success! Cousin Kevin’s May Painting Challenge Completed!

  1. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those look great- it is a very impressive army that you have got together in total.



  2. Randy Miles says:

    Great work Kevin.
    You have a ton of Spanish American War figures.
    Can’t wait to see them on the table.
    Stay safe,

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