Cousin Kevin’s Hundred Figures in May Quarantine Challenge

Covid Seattle

Seattle is a lonely place.  Gasworks Park would normally be full of people.  And dogs.

Friday Governor Inslee announced that Shelter and Stay Safe order would stay in place through the end of May.  It looks like things me open up slightly before then, but bless him, it’s likely the Guv will keep me from gaming well into June.

Well, bummer.  But that doesn’t mean the fun has to wait.  You, my friends should be using this time to paint, paint, paint.  In fact I know that some of you are.  It’s even likely you’ve looked around for a new project to start on.  Maybe you did a massive order before the Perry Brothers closed shop.  They’re open now, but that’s another story.

first half

Half of my closet of sadness

In your haste to think new, look at what you’ve done.  Those thousands of figures sitting in your closet, or your garage, or holding up the foundation of your house are still sitting there.  Waiting. Lonesome.  Wondering when lead rot will set in.  Maybe some are the newest Warlord WWII ships (a pox and curses on them.) Or maybe they’re some nice Mike’s Models wishing Paul Hannah would scoop them up, or some strip Minifigs-wait I think Paul likes those too. In any case this is your chance to give these minis some respect and paint those babies up!!

Other half

The other half.  See the tears??!!

So here is my challenge to you.  Can you, in the month of May paint 100 figures?  No, that’s not in the month of May can you go buy a hundred new figures and add them to your unpainted mountain of “someday I’ll paint you too.” Paint something you have that needs painting.

Getting started

But look.  I’m getting stuff done.  I mean it this time.

There really aren’t any rules.  They could be figures of any scale-54mm, 40mm, 28mm, 25mm, 15mm, 6mm, mmmmm 2mm are just sort of little bumps aren’t they?  Tanks, planes, ships, terrain bits.  A figure is figure, is a tank or plane or tree, whatever.  Have fun.  Paint lots. Do your best, just get stuff done. Base it, don’t base it. Just paint it. Show it, if you can, on the NHMGS Facebook page and let us know what you’ve accomplished. “Lookee Ma what I done!!”

For myself, I have a plan.  It is subject to change without notice.  But here’s what I’m thinking so far.

8 Figures 28mm Woodland Indians–finished

12 Figures 28mm Longbowmen–almost finished

6 1/300  A-6 Intruders (more about this next post)–assembled and primed

12 figures 28mm Longbowmen

18 figures 28mm Philippine bolomen

10 figures 28mm Philippine artillery and crew

13 figures 28mm Reviresco baseball players–1977 Houston Astros colors

12 figures 28mm Woodland Indians

12 figures Philippine riflemen.

That’s 103 figures, though the composition may change.

Hope you can come up with a plan that works for you.

Cousin Kevin is one of my favorite songs from the Who’s rock opera Tommy.  Kevin terrorizes the deaf, dumb and blind Tommy when the grownups have all gone away.



5 comments on “Cousin Kevin’s Hundred Figures in May Quarantine Challenge

  1. Stephen D Preston says:

    I have 52 15mm SYW (mostly French) on my painting tale at the moment, Not sure what’s next, but I have some WH Silver Tower minis to paint – they might be a good change of pace…..

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      I think change of pace right now, with what we’re going through is great. Steve, I hope you are well and finding your way through this. Great to hear from you.

  2. Jonathan Freitag says:

    A worthy challenge, Kevin! Please post your results here too. Fortunately, no Facebook for me…

  3. Neil Marker says:

    Not being either retired or quarantined (though I am the last man standing out 6 employees), I don’t know if I can do it. BUT, my WW2 Italian infantry demands I try. That’s half of the number right there.

  4. Kurt Weihs says:

    I just primed 40 Lithuanian-Polish winged lancers in 15mm, and have 80 Cossacks behind them ready to go

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