Quarantine Delirium and Other Tales

Week 26 of the Covid 19 Stay at Home order.  I really need a hair cut and I’ve forgotten how to shave. I figure if I look like Sasquatch I can scare away the kids in the neighborhood. It’s alright.  Rusty, Amos and Lola, the three Australian shepherds who have moved into the house still love me. Where did they come from anyway?

There’s this woman who takes up a great deal of space working at the computer all day long.  Says she’s my wife.  I keep sayin’ prove it. She just smiles knowingly and pours me a glass of wine. When I go to turn on the Mariners game, she reminds there are no Mariners games and turns on General Hospital.  That’s when I get up and go to my den.

Things are more familiar there.  Needs a good vacuuming, lots of stuff on the painting table, but I make myself leave a 6″ X 6″ painting space. While painting, I’ve watched every Ken Burns documentary-again. The Civil War, Baseball, The West, Jazz, Prohibition, The War, Country Music, Vietnam.  I think I know them all by heart. It’s Philippine-American and Hundred Years War projects until I run out of paint or Amazon stops delivering.

* * *

Okay, it’s not quite that bad, but I’m really jonesing for a game.  I’m playing a bit of online baseball, a little online Fort Sumter with Daveshoe, some reading and some walking.  A lot of eating. Hope each and every one of you is well, safe, and somehow getting by.


Four of the eleven Philippine units I have painted for this project.  I have enough figures for four more rifle armed Republicans, one more bolo-armed unit, and a couple of home made guns.  Would like to be done with these by the end of June.

I’m feeling kind of liberated.  My Enfilade projects are more or less finished, so I’m just painting for fun.  I am still working away on my Philippine project, but I ended up short a few figures to complete a unit, so figs from Badger Games to fill them out, so that’s on hold until they arrive.

For the last few years I haven’t played a lot of Lion Rampant.  I only have my zillions of Hundred Years War figures, singly mounted, and together they take a long time to move.  I’ve decided to change things up a little bit.  I’ve decided to create a mounted retinue with three units of mounted Cheshire archers in their familiar green and white livery.  I’ve had forty Old Glory mounted archers for eons, so I’m creating mounted and dismounted archers, 36 of each, and then I’ll do something about melee troops.  I have plenty of those unpainted too, so it’s a way to paint some some of my paintless oldies but goodies.

Dismounted Cheshire archers, painted, based and ready to go (left). The mounted versions of themselves, still under construction (right).

I’m not going to sweat what I paint for a while, just focus on what grabs me.  So far so good.  With a week left, April has been a banner month.

9 1/300 scale B-24 bombers for Ploesti

36 bolo armed 28mm Philippine infantry

12 28mm foot longbowmen (yes I actually re-painted some figures)

12  28mm mounted longbowmen-still under construction but done by the end of the week for sure.

9   28mm Woodland Indians-not actually finished, but also under construction.  These have been lurking around my painting desk the past few years and were begging to be painted.

If I’m able to get it all finished it will be my most productive ever painting month I think

The painted Philippine figures actually wraps up all my planned Enfilade projects.  Still a couple of terrain pieces to build, but someday I’ll be able to play a game again.


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