Friday at Enfilade


Fridays at Enfilade are always exciting.  There are buddies to greet, treasures to find at the B and B, and then there is the early set-up.

I have a routine I like to follow: arrive by 11:00, check into my room, grab lunch in the restaurant with my friends, and decide if I want to play in a game during the first period.  As more of game registration becomes electronic, the latter gets more difficult.  But I knew I could race hydroplanes in Thunderboats!! Should I . . .?

I decided against it, and let Al Rivers run the game.  I knew he’d be great and I could check in as the period went on to be sure it went well.  That meant I could wander, take photos and catch up with friends as they rolled in. Oh, and keep track of the B and B of course. Here’s what I saw in the early period.

Chris Craft’s excellent Guilford Courthouse games using the Black Powder rules.

Nobody knows Lyn Bodin’s Imperialism rules like Bill Vanderpool does.  Friday afternoon Bill ran Isandlwana, a full game with excited participants.  Bill holds me responsible for his obsession with miniatures.  I don’t think he needs me as an excuse for his good work.

Spencer Fisher’s Isola Della Bella game using the Lion Rampant rules

Colin Wilson prepares players for his spectacular Omaha Beach game.

Siege of Vicksburg using All Quiet on the Martian Front rules

Dean Motoyama’s lovely Winning Toulouse scenario, using the Black Powder rules

Gary Griess’ Winter on the English Channel using the Cruel Seas rules.  (Stop staring Kevin, you can’t have them.)

Bruce Smith’s Battle of El Obeid game using a variant of the Rampant rules.

These are one-off photos of games deserving far more attention.  From the upper left, Kevin Burke’s Auerstadt using the Shako rules; M.D. Preston’s Blownaparte’s Battalions game; Will Thompson’s Assault on Pacifica-12 using Galactic Knights;  Mike Clinton’s Two-page Tanks scenario; Henry Thompson preparing for Wooden Oaths using Saga 2; Pete Fry’s Weitzel’s Mill using Rebels and Patriots; Al Rivers hydroplane racing, using Dave Schueler’s Thunderboats! rules; The Battle for Ravenna using Lion Rampant.

More about my Friday doings in the next post.

One comment on “Friday at Enfilade

  1. Dean says:

    Great images from another great Enfilade!, Kevin. I really enjoyed playing in your Tirpitz game, as well as the Concord game you and David hosted. As I mentioned on his Naval Gazing blog, Daveshu’s GMing really makes playing unfamiliar rules (for me) enjoyable. Dean

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