January’s Already Gone

It’s Sunday the 27th and the month is nearly over.  I have yet to make a 2019 post.

That said, it’s been a really good month.  My school year is nearly half over, and I have a minimum of scratches and scars to show for it.  The Concord project is coming together and I’ve enjoyed painting figures for it. I’ve kept purchases to a minimum, kinda sorta, and Edgar Martinez was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  What’s not to like?

It’s been a good painting, if not such a good gaming month.  I’ve been working really hard on figures for Concord.  January I finished 36 militia figures, and 12 British light infantry.  That’s six militia skirmish units and one light infantry unit if you’re following along your Rebels and Patriots rules.

painting desk 2

Kevin’s messy painting desk part 1. Some finished militia in the pile, awaiting basing. To the left, some light infantry under construction. A mess of unpainted figures waiting for me to do something with them, anything. All figures are Front Rank AWI.

All the figures are from Front Rank.  You may know them.  They’ve been around for a while.  They are thickish 28mm figures from the UK.  Most folks would consider them no longer state of the art.  They are big and bulky with ample detail drawn in clear bold lines.  They are easy for me to paint and I enjoy working with them a great deal.  I would almost compare them to working with a coloring book and I’m simply painting in between with lines with an occasional highlight or wash thrown in for good measure.

I’m presently at 24 light infantry and 60 militia.  Still quite a ways to go, but I’m thrilled to be making progress.

My attention has shifted slightly to the Philippine figures that have been sitting on my painting table since November.  Today I finished the rayadillo on the six and a half figures (one with pants only) It’s a time consuming process that requires a big stretch of time to complete because the three shades of blue-gray (lightened each time) has to be done in one sitting.  I find myself going kind of stir-crazy, painting tiny little lines-some straight, some not so much-desperately hoping to finish before my pile of lightened blue-gray dries up. It’s quite possible these guys will be done by Thursday, giving me 60 figures painted for the month.

painting desk 1

Kevin’s messy painting desk part 2. This badly lit photo shows Philippine insurrectos. They are about 60% finished, and should be completed and based some time this week.

So I got some figures painted for the month.  I also bought a twenty more figures from Front Rank.  So I’m a net positive for January.  Actually it’s kind of cheating, because I bought a bunch more in December, but they don’t count in the overall total.

I also received my Tinywargames sea mat.  It is an 8′ x 6′ mat that looks quite nice.  I’ve had a huge (10′ X 6′) felt mat for decades.  It’s finally started to look worn out, has some stains, and it’s time for it to retire.  Maybe I’ll even use it for ponds or swamps or something. This is my second mat from the UK provider.  They do great work, but their larger mats (over 6′ X 4′) get pretty spendy.  I took advantage of a 40% off sale just prior to the new year.

mat 1

Don’t look at the ships, look at the mat. That’s the tinywargames mat that will be replacing my sadly worn piece of sea felt that served me well for about twenty years. Geez, maybe longer.


Looking forward to my first Rebels and Patriots play test on February 9th.  It will be a first walk through for Concord.  I have a feeling I’ll be playing with these rules a lot in the future. I’ll letcha know how it goes.



4 comments on “January’s Already Gone

  1. Randy Miles says:

    Kevin, Looks like you are making progress on your AWI figures. Where are you playing your first play test of the game? Picked up a copy of Rebels and Patriots. I like what I see. Am thinking of running a game down here in Portland with them. Hope to see you in May at Enfilade.

    • kgsmyth55 says:

      Randy, we’ll play on February 9th. I’ve really enjoyed painting the figures, and the game rules look good. Probably be some fiddling to make Concord work, but that’s the nature of Daniel Mersey’s riles. I mean that in a good way. Hope all is well.

  2. Dean says:

    Nice new mat, Kevin. And at 40% off a great deal. I haven’t picked up the new rules yet, but signed up for David’s Concord game at Enfilade; I also signed up for your Raid on Tirpitz game. I’m hoping to make it to the Lewis Museum game day next Saturday too. Dean

  3. Anonymous says:

    Super. Just to be clear, concord is a three-headed game. David, Dave Schueler and I are working on this one together. It’s a bit tricky as we reach for some play balance, bu it should be fun.

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