Shifting gears-the retreat from Concord


The Malta project is winding down.  I’m wrapping up my last eight planes, all Spitfires.  Spitfires in various shades of blue.  I love that. They will give me 188 planes completed for this project.  I hope to be finished with them by Friday, if not sooner.  There are still some bits to do for Malta, even a few more bits to buy.  I have four merchant vessels to paint, and three more to buy along with some escorts, but no rush.

But today, December 4th, I am a mass of anxiety, because I’m excited to start on something new.  Daniel Mersey’s new rules, Rebels and Patriots is due to come out at the end of January.  I’ve written about my fondness for his rules in past posts.  David Sullivan and I agreed to undertake a project using these new rules in a game for Enfilade.

David and I both have a fondness for the American Revolution in the South, and we initially agreed to stage the battle of Blackstocks Plantation after the fall of Charleston in 1780.  But truthfully, it’s not a battle many folks know well, and I feared it wouldn’t be very exciting.  The only thing it had going for it was I had a lot of the figures.

When we met to play our Malta game at the Museum of Flight, David reminded me of  Thomas Fleming’s wonderful book, Now We are Enemies, about the battle of Bunker Hill.  While I wasn’t too excited to recreate that battle, I considered that some of the early war might be interested and persuaded David to at least contemplate doing the retreat from Concord on April 19, 1775.

The good news is I do have a pile of the figures needed for this battle.  The 700 British soldiers are all grenadiers and light infantry, except for a company of marines. The Americans are all, of course, minutemen militia types.  I’ve had many of these figures, all Front Rank miniatures, unpainted and largely unused for years.  Ironically I purchased them from David about 25 years ago.

There were 10 light infantry companies-six figures each-at Concord.  There were 11 grenadier companies, plus one company of Royal Marines.  They will be represented by six figure units.  It’s not clear if we need all of them or how many would be necessary.  There are lots of militia that will be needed in 12 figure units, and again it isn’t clear how many will be required, but they likely will appear and disappear randomly.


Interesting terrain bits will also be required-16 feet of stone walls, hills, streams bridges, woods, buildings and fields.  It should be fun.

But, I’ve got those Spitfires to finish as well as a unit Philippine insurgents before things can get started.  Hope to be done no later than December 19th so I can start working my first unit of Sudbury militia.



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