Museum of Flight 2018

Today was the annual NHMGS day at the Museum of Flight.  Today’s event was a little different in several ways.  First it was hobby day at the Museum and we shared space with the are RC Modelling and IPMS groups.  I didn’t make it around to the RC guys, but I did get photos of some of the fine modelling examples on display.

I’m not sure I was thrilled with the outcome.  I proposed sharing, but our half of the sharing was certainly the lame half.  The IPMS guys got all the tables around the SR-71, which we’ve held as our space for the past decade or so.  We were kind of out of the way, which I wasn’t wild about.  Not much walk through came our way.

Unfortunately, I also suffered a domestic crisis when the morning session was over, and I had to dash home to solve it.  Lorri and I were car shopping yesterday, and when the dealership borrowed her keys to do a walk through of our Crosstrek, they neglected to return her keys.  It was critical, with Thanksgiving at Maison de Smyth on Thursday that she get out for errands, so I had to connect the missing keys with my desperate wife.

Dave and I re-ran our President’s Day game with seven anxious players. The cannon-armed Hurricane IIc’s were flown by Gary, Tom and Bill.  The German escorts, Me-110’s were fun by Scott and David.  The Italian Cicogna bombers were run by Al, Arthur and myself.

We actually had a pre-game conference.  I persuaded my colleagues to fly up the left side of the map to attack the strategic floating dry dock.  They would get the fighter escorts.  I would fly up the right side, hoping to draw off  at least some of the interceptors. Well, at least it was a plan.

Things didn’t turn out quite as I envisioned, as all six of the Hurricanes were on my buddies like nobody’s business.  But cannon-armed or not, the head on pass is just not a high percentage action.  Even so the Hurricanes and Me110’s took it leading to some quick damage.  One of Gary’s caught fire-never a good thing in a mostly wood and fabric airplane. Even as the opening moves moved on, with fighters blasting away at each other,  the bombers lumbered on rather effortlessly toward their target.

In the next few turns things got wild.  A few of the British fighters tried some special maneuvers that left them far in excess of their max speeds, leaving them open to damage.  Unfortunately one Hurricane had its wings torn off and things began to look questionable.  Another Hurricane took a batch of light machine gun fire from a bomber group suffering engine damage and oil spray on the windscreen.  The defenders were rolling slovenly dice and suffering considerable damage.

Malta 6

Meanwhile, Smyth’s trio of BR 20’s were strolling toward their objectives.  The chianti was shared around and there was commentary on the pretty, but ineffective flak bursts, but I was unhindered in the empty skies over Valletta.

On the left side of the board, the skies were a little more crowded.  With the six bombers, several with a little damage, approached their target, Bill’s lone Hurricane caught up to the attackers.  Two of Arthur’s planes were forced to jettison their bombs. But Al’s planes led the way to the drydock.  Each plane rolled two dice for bomb hits.  They needed four hits to inflict minor damage to the structure.  Unfortunate they only got two.  Boo. Hiss!! Even so lots of Hurricane damage as a trade for a little scare on the dry dock.

My three bombers choogled quietly over their target and dropped their loads.  I also needed four hits to inflict minor damage on the supply dump that was their target.  I got three, so close but no cigar.

Ours was not the only game at the Museum.  Damond Crump ran a very cool looking game of Thuds Over Hanoi using the AirWar C21 rules. I was especially impressed with Damond’s jungle canopy.  With Vietnam on my radar, I definitely took note of the canopy on legs effect.

Tom Condon hosted a Wings of War game.  It always attracts drop-in players including some of the Museum visitors.


Jeroen Koopman hosted an really interesting looking micro-armor game that featured a Soviet air drop.  Looks pretty impressive to me.


I’m hoping the rest of the day went as well as the morning seemed to.  I had a good time, and can’t wait for next year.




2 comments on “Museum of Flight 2018

  1. Dean says:

    So that’s why I couldn’t find you to say thank you for hosting another great MoF game day. Sounds like a dealership tactic – saw something like that in “National Lampoon’s Vacation”. Hope that wasn’t the case. Anyway, again a great game day at a fantastic venue. Can’t thank you enough, Kevin. Regards, Dean

  2. Pete S/ SP says:

    Looks like you put on a great looking game there.



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