1898 Miniaturas: A Down Payment

When I got home from Enfilade I did a bad thing.  I ordered some figures without consulting my wife.  I sneaked. I snuck.  I was bad.  We have a solid understanding about figure purchases.  I have an allowance I can use to fuel my record/miniature figures/drinking with the boys habit.  If I must go over my budget, I just have to consult with the boss. She’s usually pretty good about say okay, but with our eye on my retirement in a year, we’re both trying to be careful.

So it was a great deal of guilt that I put an order to 1898 Miniaturas on my credit card without consulting the missus.  I eventually told her before the little men arrived, and though she slightly admonished me, she fessed up to her own wayward purchase.

1898 Miniaturas, in case you haven’t followed their announcements on the Miniatures Page, produces an extensive range of figures for the Spanish American War, the Philippine War (no longer known as the Philippine Insurrection,) and rebellions Spain faced in Cuba and the Philippines leading up to the conflict with America.  The range continues to expand.  It includes Tagalog insurgents and artillery, and my fervent hope is that it will continue to grow.

I rarely am sucked in by the next shiny new thing. But I’ve fallen hard for these figures.  I was originally going to do the whole ball of wax-Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, but I’ve decided to scale back to just the Philippines with my impending exit from the work force. I won’t be poor, but I will be scaling back my income. Lorri has encouraged me to use my summer earnings to buy what I need, so I will.

1898 Miniaturas is a Spanish company.  Their website reflects the deep passion of the owners, artists and creators who run their company.  The website houses the company’s online shop, but also includes a wealth of historical information and painting suggestions depending on what you’re doing. Most importantly it offers suggestions for painting the ridiculous Spanish Rayadillo uniforms, which are a base blue-gray striped uniform.  I don’t quite want to say I can’t wait to try this, but I can’t wait to try this.  I bought all the recommended Vallejo colors today. (If only I could buy the improved eyesight and patience too.)

I’ll be painting Philippines regulars and militia types to fight against the Americans on Luzon from 1898-1901. There is lots more that happens on other islands, and maybe I’ll go there too, but I’ll just have to see. The Luzon battles offers an interesting mix of Filipino troops.  The Americans will have regulars and state volunteers. Washington state has a unit of volunteers that serves for a year in this campaign. The website offers suggestions for troops for The Men Who Would Be King rules, and I’ll be playing with these.

I really hemmed and hawed about ordering these figures.  Should I order directly from Spain?  Should I order from Empress Miniatures that stock these in Great Britain, or the U.S. stockist, Age of Glory, in the U.S.?  After fiddling with numbers and compiling phantom orders, I decided to take my chances on the Spanish store.

It was perfect.  I ordered the Tagalog Premium package.  Including shipping, it was about $71 for 36 figures.  All of them was be usable and will provide me with two 12-man units, plus a few leftovers. That’s less than two dollars per figure, and all things considered, that’s less than Perry metal figures. The company was super easy to work with.  They did a super job of notifying me electronically.  I had them withing ten days of order.

Here are some pics of the raw figures.

Just to be clear, these are Filipino infantry.  They aren’t Spanish regulars, though after the fall of Manila to the Americans, the Filiipino Republicans looted many Spanish stores, including guns and and uniforms.  So some of them will appear in the rayadillo and jipijapa straw sun hat.

I’m not ready to immediately plunge into these figures, but I hope to begin working on them some time in June.  Until that time, I have some planes to paint for Malta, and promised myself I would paint the last of of my longbowmen for the Hundred Years War.


5 comments on “1898 Miniaturas: A Down Payment

  1. Dave says:

    I model the same War but in 15mm using Bloodaxe figures – much cheaper than 28mm.

  2. Patrick says:

    Fantastic looking lil’ guys, I might have to pick up a couple of them to practice painting hats. I’ve always been a sucker for straw hats.

  3. Gary Williams says:

    Thanks for stuff Kevin. I wasn’t expecting the rules, too.

  4. Randy Miles says:

    I see you have purchased some to the 1898 figures.
    I have been setting on two premium packages, purchased when they first came out.
    Have a few primed and not done much else with them.
    Then it was off to the next period.
    Guess that is the butterfly in me.
    Have you watched “The Last of the Philippines.”
    Excellent movie, it is in Spanish with English subtitles.
    Look forward to see your figures when you start painting them.
    I might get excited about painting my guys.


    • kgsmyth55 says:

      I think I started watching Last of the Philippines, and then gave up. Too hard to paint and read sub-titles. I don’t think I’ll get started on these figures until about the time school starts. I’m kind of freaked out about painting the rayodillo.

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