Final Thoughts on Enfilade



This is more a personal post and you won’t see it anywhere but here.

This was a great convention.  About 415 attendees, which is twice as many as we had in 2002 when the convention moved to Olympia.  Unfortunately that success has bred some challenges too.  We’ve pretty much maxed out our space, and insuring there are enough games for all attendees including those who are late walk-ins is tough.  With new management bravely abandoning the game registration line and allowing more on-line registration, finding ways to plug everyone into a game is a challenge with no easy answers.  More, shorter game periods?  Staggered game periods?  Dunno, but they will have lots to talk about.

I saw lots of great games.  I usually go to the convention just to host.  Honestly, I think that’s a personal failing.  I’ve always felt a responsibility to host games.  But I also think I’m more comfortable as a host.  More control.  Less need to cooperate with others.  I’ve made an agreement with myself I’ll only run four games next year, and play in at least one. Al Rivers agreed to run a Thunderboats! game for me.  I’m already planning stuff with Doug Hamm and David Sullivan. Dave Schueler and I will do something. Like baseball, for me, Enfilade is a year ’round sport.

I managed to dodge the Bring and Buy.  I was in there a lot and it was fun, but I didn’t buy anything. I was on the lookout for 1/300 scale planes and there was a nice box of Raiden Bettys, but I have enough Bettys and not much else interested me. When David Sullivan bought some of Bob Murch’s Flint and Feather figures I was very intrigued and went back and forth all weekend about whether I should buy them or not.  It would be a handful of figures on a very small scale, What’s to lose?  Of course I hemmed and hawed too long and when I finally made up my mind they were gone.

No it was a weekend of crossover buying.  I made a trip to Rainy Day Records in downtown Olympia on Saturday morning and bought five albums.  A French import of Them with Van Morrison, The Roches first album, Out of Our Heads by The Rolling Stones, Shine on Brightly by Procul Harum, and Fever Tree’s eponymous second album.  Great stuff, but kind of on a different track from a convention weekend.

When I got home, however, I shared my lack of purchases with my supportive and long-suffering wife.  She sent me to the computer to order some of the Flint and Feather figs, so I’m looking forward to seeing them and I’ll get started shortly after they arrive.

I also decided the time had come to see what the 1898 Miniaturas Philippine figures look like.  I placed an order for a Tagalog Premium Collection which seemed to be the cheapest way to go.  There will be reports.

As much fun as the gaming and shopping is, the best part of Enfilade is spending time with friends.  My Canadian friends, my Portland friends, people I care about and see once a year, it was great to spend some time with them.  Doug Hamm and I are planning our Philippine Insurrection project.  Bruce Harborne shared some great information about 3D printing files for aircraft. Steve Knight and Chuck Hamack confirmed the wonders of retirement.  Rand Miles shared what he was working on, and some old tales of games gone by.

I spent lots of the weekend with Dave Schueler and David Sullivan, knowing we didn’t have to run off anywhere else.  Lunches, evening beers, long talks about games and gaming.  It was simply the best, our once a year getaway.

Finally, of the five game periods I hosted, four were games using David Manley’s rules.  The Mad Wet Max rules are derived from Thunderboats, Air War C.21 is published and available at Wargame vault, but Airwar 1940 is not.  David simply has a feel for what is fun and doable, and I thank him for keeping in touch with us, and allowing us to use his work.  It’s very much a long distance association as David is in the U.K. But it is much appreciated.

4 comments on “Final Thoughts on Enfilade

  1. Norris says:

    I walked about a few times and thought this Enfilade bumped up the bar a wee bit. It was great to see wall to wall games and players. This is the first year I didn’t get out of the main room and up to visit the ASL and FOW folks. I over-spent and had a budget busting week-end. However, I enjoyed every moment there. Looking forward to next year.

  2. Victor says:

    You always put on great games and I always seem to miss playing in them. Maybe next year.

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