The Big Falklands Finish and Beyond

The Falklands project is done, sort of, kinda.  By that, I mean all the British and Argentine warplanes are done.  I have some more goodies to paint.  I’d like to add helicopters to both sides because they were quite important to the land campaign and who knows how we can add them to some future game.

But the game Dave Schueler and I will be hosting at the Museum of flight in ten days.  I’m glad to have them done.  Altogether it is ten British Harriers, and 35 various Argentine warplanes, so 45 planes in all.

I’ve shown off the Argie Skyhawks, and these are the six Mirage Daggers.  These were purchased from Israel, and are the dumbed down version of the Neshers–modified Mirages Israel parted with in the late 70’s.  These are Raiden Mirage V’s that were fun to paint.  They have three color camouflage using Vallejo German Camo beige as the base color, Vallejo Military Green for the dark green color, and Vallejo U.S. Army Olive Green for the lighter green.  The yellow identification bands are Vallejo Deep Yellow and provide some distinctive markings.  The underside is Vallejo Light Sea Gray, that has a slightly blue cast.

I also re-did a few of the Dave Smith planes.  I added his stack of Sea Harriers to the six Raiden planes I have, and painted the lone Gr.3 Harrier in Falklands colors. I also repainted the Pucara light attack planes in more Falklandsish colors.  That gives me seven.  I also, on a lark, painted one in the red and white colors of a test torpedo bombing variant.  Because, let’s face it, who needs eight turbo-prop attack planes in war colors.

From top left–Single Mirage Dagger by Raiden miniatures.  Two Daggers, just for twice the fun.  Sea Harriers by Heroics and ROS (I suspect,) and four Pucaras in four different schemes.  The red and white Pucara (markings are much more distinguishable from below,) was the test plane for delivering a torpedo. 

So I’ve included pictures.  They’re taken with my new camera.  I bought a Nikon D5600 DSLR.  It’s the camera my yearbook students use, and I want to be able to help them, so I’m trying to become a better photographer. This is the whole ball of wax.

So, what next?  I’m not positive.  I have some mounted archers I began working on in August I’d like to finish.  And when they are done I have a bunch more to do. I’ve also been seduced by the four or so units of American Revolution that are lying unpainted in my drawers.  Needless to say, plenty to keep me busy.  I think I’ll just paint whatever I feel like.

On the subject  of seduction, however, every now and then a figure range becomes available that just grabs me.  I know this isn’t unique to yours truly.  Every now and then an announcement flutters across the boards for The Miniatures Page announcing new releases for 1898 Miniaturas, a miniatures company in Spain.  They have a beautiful and growing collection of figures for the Spanish American War and Philippine Insurrection.

To be truthful, I’m more interested in the war in the Philippines than Cuba, but in my broader application of “periods” I would be interested in having figures for both, plus the invasion of Puerto Rico and the capture of Guam.

I’m also thinking this is an out-of-of the book game of The Men Who Would Be King, with lots of different scenario possibilities:

  • Spanish vs. Cuban rebels
  • Spanish vs. Con rebels
  • Spanish vs. Americans (Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam)
  • Americans vs. Filipino regulars
  • Americans vs. Filipino guerrillas
  • Americans vs. Moros (don’t think this would make a good game and nobody makes figures . . . yet.)

The 1898 Miniaturas collection continues to grow, but does lack artillery and other required bits.  Tiger Miniatures in Great Britain also does figures for the period. They don’t look as nice, but do offer artillery, machine guns, mule trains and some cool looking Filipino Scouts and Constabulary. Old Glory also offers a range including Moros. Lots of different figures to go around, but the draw was the quality of the figures from the Spanish company.

As the list above shows, there is plenty of painting for years of work.  I know the basics of the war in Cuba, but not much else.  I’m waiting to start buying figures until after do some serious reading on the Philippines, and hopefully at least until my Enfilade deadline.

Museum of Flight next weekend and a report to follow.



One comment on “The Big Falklands Finish and Beyond

  1. Dean says:

    Impressive work on the aircraft, Kevin. I’m sure Dave and you will run a great game next Sunday – perfect venue too. Your Cuban project sounds interesting too – a time of American Imperialism! 🙂

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