Den Upgrades and a Reappraisal of Pile of Lead.

Home renovations.  I’m sure you’ve had them.  Maybe you are somebody with considerable DIY skills.  I don’t.  I’m a pretty good, pretty fast painter-that’s about it for me.

Lorri and I had a long conversation in the spring-move or remodel.  She has a wretched commute that shaves about three hours off her life per day.  Moving even a little closer to Renton would give her back some of that time.  But with the housing market continuing to blaze like Mount Vesuvius, we didn’t feel it was possible to get out of the house we’ve lived in for 27 years, and get something more desirable without losing our shirts.  With retirement not far away, we decided a remodel was a more viable solution.

So, we made our plans.  Unfortunately, due to delays in our re-fi, we didn’t get started until mid-summer.  Combined with working J-camp and a lovely trip to Astoria, here we are.  Our bedroom and bath are unusable. I’ve had to move everything out of my den and Lorri’s sewing room–which is like almost all the STUFF in the house.  And there is no place to paint anything. Sad, because I have little to do but comfort my poor dogs who are driven crazy by the loud noises and strangers working in their house.

Oh, well. Going on three weeks without any meaningful painting time, and that kind of drives me crazy.

There are lots of things I want to work on.  I’ve blocked out two aircraft projects I want to do.  There is the Falklands stuff I started on and would like to have finished for Museum of Flight day on October 22nd. And then I’d like to paint my sizable collection of Mediterranean planes to combine with the Dave Smith bounty, about which I have not yet written.  Soon. Daveshoe and I are talking about the air attack on the HMS Illustrious in January 1941 for Enfilade.

The new den is almost ready for painting.  The records are now all stashed away, the desk is complete–all that’s missing is a selected brush and some water to clean them in.  Those are some Galactic Knight fighters awaiting paint.  Some planes out of view to the left and a hydroplane. 

Lorri granted me the opportunity to make major changes in my den. As I said, everything came out of the den because new carpets were being laid.  That meant all my unpainted figures, a thousand vinyl records, my stereo system, book case, a media stand television and various ephemera-lots of ephemera.  I peeled the 15-year old wallpaper from the one wall it had the misfortune to be located.  I painted the room a stately, but warm gray.  I took down my various military prints, soon to be replaced by a variety music photos—Patty Smith poster, Temple of the Dog, my framed copy of an original Love Me Do 45, Pearl Jam jumping about the stage in ’92, and an original drawing of John Lennon.

But the coolest improvement, without question is the hobby desk Lorri let me order for my room.  It is was a couple of hours worth of construction, but gives me more space than the simple 48” X 30” Costco folding table.  It also has plenty of room for storage, including my SpinClean record washer and all of the bits that go with it.

But, before I moved all my stuff back into the closet in my den, I went through every drawer of my IKEA Antonio-twelve in all-where I keep a lot of my stuff. I made some tough decisions about unpainted bits I’ll be parting with.  It will almost certainly be followed by more choices regarding painted items.  Not like the world will be falling in, but many of my DBA armies will be offered up and priced to sell.  I haven’t played in likely five years, and with the 2.2 vs. 3.0 schism I’m willing to let some go. I have thirty painted armies, I’m okay with it.

But looking past that, as I moved my piles of unpainted figures out on the deck, I need new projects like a hole in the head.  I really do intend to paint every figure I own. There are hundreds of unpainted HYW figures, ACW figures, AWI figures, even some additional troops for the War of 1812.  I set myself a goal of starting on the Sudan next summer, but perhaps that should be delayed even further, or indefinitely.  I have no shortage of figures to paint, projects to complete and, what’s more, desire to complete them.  So I think I’ll hold off for now.

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