Wargamer Collection Catalog

I was poking through The Miniatures Page this morning, still smoking that Bill Armintrout went on vacation and left those of us who weren’t supporting members mute, when I ran across an interesting post. One of those privileged enough to speak posted about a website that allows visitors to catalogue their miniature collections

With contractors in my house, and my three Aussies objecting to spending the entire day in my den remounting figures, I decided to give it a try.

You can link to Wargame Collection Catalog and set up pretty easily.  You’ll need to create an account and login. Doubtless, you’ll wonder “why should I create another account and login?”  Well, silly, you need to be able to find and complete your collection, right?

Once that’s done, you can take your collection, project by project, and enter it unit by unit.  Yes, it’s tedious, but if you have some time to kill and want to get it done, go for it.

One real practical purpose for this is the valuation the site offers. There is a raw lead value, and a painted value.  It doesn’t really discriminate between really spendy figures and cheaper (Old Glory vs. Foundry, for example) but it does give you something to work with if you want to properly insure your miniatures.

Since it is topical, I’m starting with my Louisiana project.  It’s super easy.  Identify a unit, number of figures, metal or plastic, 28mm, painted, based, plug in a picture if you have one, and voila. Add your entry.

I printed my screen, just so you get the idea.  It looks like this.

Screenshot (1) It’s pretty slick, and allows you to create a pdf to supply to your homeowners carrier. No question it will take me a long time to complete an inventory of my collection, which takes time away from important things like rebasing and painting.  But, overall, not a bad thing. It will also tell me how many painting figures I actually have, which may drive me insane.  But I have an online-catalog of my records, I think my painted figgies are worth it.

One comment on “Wargamer Collection Catalog

  1. Jon Freitag says:

    Nifty idea but re-entering my collection into this app might be a lifetime’s work. Not sure I have a life time…

    All of my painting works are maintained in an Access database that I have maintained for more than twenty years.

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