Oh no! Not Hawkmoon figures!!!

I’ve been re-basing away here in Smythland.  Really meant to be painting, but I’ve been re-basing my Louisiana project and so far so good.  I’ve rebased 18 or so units and with a refreshing of my needed Litko bases today I’ll have plenty to finish up this project, and maybe enough to do the Aztecs and Conquistadors too.  Well, in addition to painting my Louisiana leftovers–about 150 figures worth.

Haven’t quite decided what to do about mounted units.  I bought 25 60mm round bases, which is what it would take to squeeze two mounted miniatures on rounds  But they sure would take up a lot of space.  Would make ’em more vulnerable to shooting and attack.  Dunno.  Might be able to make ’em look cool, but may be more trouble than they’re worth.

In any case, the I’m going to stick with the plan and wrap up the 150+ figures I have to paint for the Louisiana project, but I’ll probably remount all my painted units before I move on to painting more.

Remember my no new projects for 2017-18 (Enfilade pledge?  Well, it’s being sorely tested.  I ran across some hard evidence–as in figures available with a price on them–for the Hawkmoon range of fantasy figures by Eureka Miniatures.


Fantasy figures?  Who cares, you might be saying.  Usually the answer is, not me. But these are figures based on the Hawkmoon stories by Michael Moorcock.  Anything from Moorcock’s Eternal Champion cycle interests me, but Hawkmoon is probably the simplest and most fun of these.  During the late 70’s and early 80’s I read every Michael Moorcock book at least twice. That he agreed to the production of these figures is pretty exciting stuff.

So, what, you ask, would you do with it?  Strictly Dragon Rampant fun.  Yes, I have tons of stuff to paint for Dragon Rampant, but if I limited myself to one retinue of the Kamarg warriors that fight for Hawkmoon and his allies, and one retinue of the Granbreton nasties that are trying to kill him, that may be enough.  At $3.00 or so a pop, that may be all I can afford.



2 comments on “Oh no! Not Hawkmoon figures!!!

  1. Pete says:

    Those Hawkmoon figures would look nice in a SAGA faction.

  2. They look like very nice figures, but $2.95 a pop! It sounds more like a true skirmish project–like “Song of Blades and Heroes.”

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