Louisiana: It’s a Start

Lorri and I are leaving tomorrow on a little vacation.  We’re going to the San Juans.  First time for either of us.  Amazing because both of us have lived almost our entirely lives in the Puget Sound area.  Oh did I include the fact that three Australian Shepherds will be joining us.  Yes, it seemed like such a good idea at the time.

I hoped to get a lot more miniatures work done today, but no such luck.  But I did manage to rebase all my Woodland Indians-mostly Old Glory with a few Front Rank figures in there for good measure. I pried them all from their 25mm X 25mm bases, remounted them on Litko rounds.  50mm in diameter for three figures, 40mm in diameter for two figures and 25mm rounds for singles.  They are in 12 figure units so the basing is 3 X 50mm, 1 x 40mm, 1 X 25mm.

I covered all the bases with Liquitex modeling paste.  I really like this material.  It’s easy to spread, and because it’s acrylic it doesn’t chip, and it dries very quickly.  In an hour or less you’re good to go. I’ll paint all the bases an overall Ceramcoat Burnt Umber, a very dark brown.  Then I dry brush it with Ceramcoat Trail Tan.  When it’s all dry I’ll spread some brown and green flocking.  These are all units that fight in the woods, so I’ll use Woodland Scenics Hobby Tack to glue down significant bits of clump foliage.

I finished a unit of Woodland Indians and a unit of militia today.  American militia figures strongly into the Americans forces for this project. They are a 10 figure unit and include 2 X 50mm, 1 X 20mm and 2 X 25mm.

Woodland Indians on the left.  Militia on the right. 

As I said before, I’ll be meeting Dave Schueler in West Seattle to try out the rules on July 8th, and following up with a Friday Truants game with whoever can get loose at the Game Matrix on the 14th.  I’m pretty set with a hypothetical historical scenario with Dave–recovering one of the cannon taken and hidden by the Miamis at the Battle of the Wabash in 1791.  I’m thinking five or six Indian units vs. four or five American units.  I should have the Indians all done, but the Americans will have to show up in their singles–except for one militia unit. I’ll plan the Truants day accordingly

I’ve located all my figures for Louisiana.  Yes it should be easy, but it’s not.  The remounting will take some time.  But I also want to take on the painting and wrap up all the miniatures I have.  I currently have enough Woodland Indians for seven units.  I believe I have enough unpainted figures to get that up to at least twelve. I have enough Wayne’s Legion figures to paint four units of Legion infantry 1792-4–you know, the guys with the colorful turbans and plumes.  The rest of my units all have black turbans and white plumes.  I already have a couple of light infantry units from the Legion period painted.  So it would be fun to do some scenarios from that period as well.

Anyway, plenty to do and I’m all in.  However, there is the matter of ten mounted archers on my painting table from the Hundred Years War.  They’ll need to be finished before anything new can be painted.


2 comments on “Louisiana: It’s a Start

  1. Sounds the perfect place to spend a long holiday weekend! Nancy and I had booked a place at Friday Harbor for the weekend but as the date approached, we worried about logistical issues of getting ourselves and car from Spokane out to the island at likely the busiest time of year. We cancelled our reservation and will make the visit another time.

    Have fun!

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