Aztecs and after

They’re finished.  Every Aztec, Tlaxcalan and Spanish unit I own  is complete. It’s about 460 figures worth.  I think I have four porter figures and four lower class Tlaxcalan figs from Outmost Miniatures. But every command figure, every other miniature that can be squoze into a unit is painted and mounted.

In reflection, it’s one of my favorite projects.  I enjoyed the painting and organizing.  I really liked the figures from Eureka and Outpost.  Less wild about the The Assault Group figs, not just because they are a pain to deal with, but they are smaller than the other two manufacturers.  If I was committed to just doing TAG they’d be fine. As I stated before, I can see myself adding more to both the Aztecs and Tlaxcalans, but not this minute.  I hope to add a couple more units of Aztecs before Enfilade.

So, what comes after Aztecs?  13 Days Goes Hot, of course, our Cuban Missile Crisis game for Enfilade. Daveshoe and I have been working on that.  I’m including some bits from the George Bounty I shared earlier.  I have some other important terrain pieces I want to create. I’m in the middle of painting god knows how many trucks at the moment.  Next I’ll be working on MiG-21s and a SAM-2 missile site.

I’m following up on my pledge to not take on any new projects this year.  To be clear, this doesn’t mean no new miniatures, just not a whole new bright shiny thing to get started on.  Here are three projects I’d like to proceed on, based on what I have.

1/600 plastics


Over the years I’ve accumulated some naval kits.  This is the year to paint them up.

First on the table is a Skywave model of a Spruance class destroyer.  These were all withdrawn from service around 2005 in favor of the Arleigh Burke class DDG’s.  But the Spruances could be nice for a 90’s period air scenario between China and the U.S., China and Taiwan, the U.S. and Iran or Iraq.  Anything is possible.

I also have a box o’ Soviet missile boats.  They include two Osa and two Tarantul vessels, as well as some helicopters and small boats operated by the Iranian Revolutionary guards. They would be a fun add to my modern vessels. Over 400 Osa’s were built between 1960-75 and lots were distributed to countries from East Germany to Vietnam.  Syrian Osas famously sank the Israeli destroyer Eilat with guided S-S-N 6 “Styx” missiles during the Six Day War. A handful remain in service today.  The Tarantul is bigger, is considered a frigate.  I actually toured one at Battleship Cove in Fall City, MA back in 2004. they are larger and more remain in service, with a dozen in Vietnam. Its unreliable Styx missiles were updated.  These could be used for a variety of different conflicts, but something in the South China Sea would not be out of the question.

Finally, I picked up a box of the Tamiya Japanese auxiliaries from WWII.  Mind you I have few vessels for the Pacific in WWII.  But these are quite nice, a gunboat, minelayer and minesweeper, so a nice bit of oomph for the under-armed Japanese patrol gunboat fleet and barges.

Irish Civil War


I’ve blathered about these guys before.  I have ten Reiver Royal Irish Constabulary, and ten Reiver IRA types, as well as two dozen British WWI infantry from Renegade. More challenging than painting the figures, however, is assembling and painting three vehicles that go with my figures.  I have two very nice Crosley Tenders from Company B that look like they should be manageable.  I also have a beautiful Lancia armored lorry from Musketeer Miniatures.  Sadly this went away when Musketeer was acquired by Footsore.  I have a simple set of rules I’d like to try called Like Cricket, but with Guns that looks pretty simple, and requires some really good scenario-making. I’ll have to work at that.

Another air project or two


Including amid all of the George bounty were planes, many, many planes.  Included were enough Skyhawk attack planes, Canberra bombers and Pucara attack planes to give serious consideration to painting up a Falklands scenario.  Dave Schueler has the ships, and it was very much a ship vs plane war.  Just to keep things interesting, however I have ordered six Sea Harriers for some air to air intervention.  I have the Super Etendards to host the nasty Exocets, but so much of the air campaign revolves around gutsy Argentinian A-4 pilots taking on the missiles and gunfire of the Royal Navy.  It should be interesting.

I also have a bunch of planes for WW II in the Mediterranean, say 1940-42.  I have about 18 Italian fighters and bombers, and I also have a handful of American lend-lease Kittyhawks.  I’d love add a lot of German and British planes for the project.  Dave expressed an interest on doing the air attack by Italian and German bombers on the HMS Illustrious defended by, gulp, Fleet Air Arm Fulmars.  But the attackers have no escorts so it could be interesting.

Ya know, I love painting planes.

There are lots of projects to work on, and lots of units to paint.  In any case it should be lots of fun.  I’ll keep you posted.



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