What’s the point, man?

I met my painting goal for the week.  I polished off the last of my Aztec figures.  I still have 36 Tlaxcallan allies to wrap up, and tonight (Sunday) I’ll start getting them ready to be primed and painted over the next couple of weeks. My goal is to finish the first twelve–all medium quality warriors, leaving a couple dozen peasant types.  That’s like seven or eight points worth of guys.

Points, I hate ’em. I’m a great believer that points systems kill good scenario making. It’s too easy to just throw figures out on the table at the agreed number of points each and have at it. Most game systems have points that guide choices from Hail Caesar to Flames of War, and I don’t like it.



My two boxes of Aztec warriors.  A total of 15 units so far, with more to come. 

That said, those same point systems can guide building armies and sticking armies in the field because they do offer an insight to relative strengths of the opposing armies.  I do think it’s okay to have unequal sides, especially of scenario rules and game objectives compensate for that inequality.  But  it’s always nice to know, as a scenario designer what you have on the table.

I like the idea of being able to offer six player games for the “Rampant” series, and the same is true for the Aztecs and Conquistadors. So, with my figures all nearly painted it’s time to evaluate where I am.  The rules call for 24 point retinues or commands, which is a good but not hard rule of thumb. This is what I have:


4 X  swordsmen @ 6 pts ea =  24 pts

2 X crossbowmen @ 4 pts. ea.= 8 pts

2 X arquebusiers @ 4 pts ea = 8 pts.

1 X Caballeros @ 6 pts ea. = 6 pts.

1 X cannon and crew @ 4 pts = 4 pts

1 X war dog party @ 4 pts = 4pts

The total is 54 points.  I think that’s plenty of Spaniards.  However, I don’t like the mix.  I would like to add another two units of swordsmen because I feel like the number of missile troops is disproportionate. to a historical Spanish force. It just adds to the counter mix and choices players can make.

Add to the Spanish the Tlaxcallan contingent.

1 X Tlaxcallan knight @ 4 pts ea = 4 pts

1 X veteran warriors @ 4 pts ea = 4 pts

4 X skirmisher @ 2 pts. ea = 8 pts.

The total is 16 points.  I’m not sure this organization works out.  David suggested the Tlaxcallans had separate missile units, so the skirmishers may have to be combined for a total of 12 points.  I will add troops to the Tlaxcallans.  They’ll be the Outpost Tlaxcallans, and I will likely add melee troops to bring them up to about 24 points. Ideally I want them to form about 1/3 the points of a Spanish army. The addition of atl-atls or dart throwers gives an extra point to warriors.


3 X warrior knights @ 4 pts ea = 12 pts

4 X veteran warriors @ 4 pts ea = 16 pts

4 X peasant warriors @ 3 pts ea = 12 pts

4 X skirmishers @ 2 pts ea = 8 pts.

The total is 48 points.  That’s not a lot compared to the Spanish and their allies. The Aztecs could add an extra point to each warrior unit for atl-atl and that would bring things up to 59, but still significantly less than 72 points.  Because the Aztecs are fairly generic, that is a good number to shoot for, so I will continue to add units to the Aztecs.

Even though there is a part of me that wants to be done with this project-I have been dogged in my perseverance with this project for the past five months, both with time and dollars, it’s going to take a bit more to finish up


Feather suit warriors by Eureka Miniatures.  I like the feathered suits by Eureka.  Good stuff. 


Cayman knights by Eureka.  Interesting figs, though almost no source discusses cayman knights. 

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