A final project?

Next week I will turn 61.  I am in reasonably good health. And I can still see. Sort of.  Most of the time. My projects are proceeding apace.  I am really cruising with my Aztecs and Spanish. I’ve made progress with my Irish. Finished some Dragon Rampant figures. With a five year window still open until retirement, my big question is–should I take on one more grand project for my dotage?  I know, the question is silly.  I still have lots of figures to paint for many unfinished projects. This is a pretty complete sampling.

  • Still some incomplete ACW Naval. Four ships with masts. And rigging. Yeep.
  • For that matter, lots of 28mm ACW (original Old Glory figures with separate heads.)  I have lots painted but they need re-basing. Hundreds of figures
  • Some AWI figures left to go, but not a lot. Well, it’s a lot if I haven’t painted them. More than 100, less than 200. I think.
  • Buckets of Hundred Years War figures. Buckets=hundreds, many hundreds. More than one bucket.
  • Plenty of figures toward my Dragon Rampant fantasy armies. Enough for eight units per side or more. I’ve completed four.
  • Some Martians, but not lots. Less than 50.
  • Early American/Spanish wars.  A few Spaniards. A few more Americans, Lots of Indians.  150 figures all in all?
  • 15mm fantasy.  This is one of my dream projects based on the Lord of the Rings using some sort of DBA/Mish sort of rules for the Battle of the Pelennor figures. One of the few valid 15mm projects I own. Rohan figures are finished.
  • A few unfinished 15mm Spanish Civil War figures.  This whole project needs remounting for an AK 47 Nation variant for this period.
  • Quetzacoatl Rampant project is really moving along, but I still have plenty to paint and still a few more figures to buy.

Okay, but let’s be real.  I actually do paint, and I do make progress. I’ve painted about 85 figures since Enfilade-which was about 65 days ago, including some very busy times when I wasn’t able to paint. So here are some projects I’m considering:

Here are some possibilities:

  1. Try some of the Perry miniatures and do the Sudan.  Sword and the Flame or some such derivative would be fun. Always a secret favorite.
  2. 28mm Napoleonics.  This would be strictly nostalgia and would take a lot of painting. Rules are a question. Nations are a question, maybe Shako II, maybe Fields of Glory.  I’d almost certainly construct the lot out of plastic. Yes this is crazy.
  3. 28mm Ottomans vs. Poles.  I had massive armies of both in 15mm back in the days. Rules would be a question. But they are sooooo beautiful.
  4. 28mm War of the Roses. Perry plastics. York, Lancaster, Tudors. Arrows. A horse, my kingdom for a horse? I smell Lion Rampant.
  5. Forget about it Smyth.  You’re done.  No more, finish what you have. (Right, like that is what you would do?)

I’d love to know what you, my loyal readers think. What would you choose?

What’s on my painting table?

The past couple of weeks I’ve been a painting fool. I’ve finished 56 Aztecs since I got home from camp on July 20th.  More on the painting table, nearly done. Altogether I’ve acquired enough figures to paint 10 X 12 Aztec units.  Probably will got to 15 units. Since my last writing I finished my first unit of knights-Eagle knights by Eureka Miniatures.  I added a unit of archers, also by Eureka. I’m in the middle of painting a bunch of command figures, including bannermen, drummers and command figures that can actually fit into units. Next up will be a Spanish gun and crew, and then two units of Huaxtec warriors with very cool conical hats.

What are you playing

Last weekend, I met David Sullivan and Dave Schueler and invited along my son Casey to play En Garde! with Spanish and Aztecs. David has some figures, and I had plenty for everyone else to try this Osprey skirmish game. Unlike our earlier attempt with Bronze Age ancients, conquistadors and Aztecs are covered by the rules, so it was easy to make the game work.  Unfortunately, because we are kind of lazy, David and I didn’t start out by pointing our figures and creating commands until we got there. So we sort of randomly grabbed minis and had at it. As you can imagine, our lack of planning led to situations we didn’t think about and there you have it.  We learned that if the Spanish get too close the Aztecs they can get mobbed by fairly cheap warriors. We learned that Spanish horse have a very cool Ride By attack that makes them very unpleasant. We learned the Spanish arquebusiers fire very slowly, aren’t very accurate, but when they hit you it’s nasty. And,as with all games, don’t roll like crap. It was fun, and I’d like to try it again soon. Here are a few photos from our game.

Music to paint by

Tres Hombres

I’ve always listened to random music by ZZ Top on the radio and boogied along to the blooze and beer beat in my car.  When MTV was popular I bought a copy of synth and sequenced ZZ Top album, Eliminator-no diss intended, it’s a great record. But the grandaddy, must have, of all ZZ Top albums is Tres Hombres. Featuring the John Lee Hooker song, “LaGrange,” it’s an incredibly fun album. There is nothing complicated about this LP. Billy Gibbons on guitar, Dusty Hill on bass, and Frank Beard on drums provide the authentic Texas bar band R & B that would be their hallmark.  More good stuff would come later on Deguello and Eliminator, but this record is the real deal. “Waitin’ For the Bus” got my head boppin’ and foot stompin’ and it just continued through the whole record until “Have You Heard” raps it up.  Greasy guitar, gut bucket vocals, I felt like needed a bath after it was done. Perfect.

2 comments on “A final project?

  1. ECW or something with pikes in it. “The Pikeman’s Lament” is coming out in January.

    Whatever my future projects, they will be skirmishy and not call for buckets of figures. I’ve never been able to do that and don’t imagine I will suddenly be able to as I age.

  2. kgsmyth55 says:

    No, no pikes. I just can’t go there. I’m probably leaning toward the Sudan or War of the Roses. The Aztecs are really coming along, however. It looks like I’ll have three units of elites with Eagle and Cayman knights and some warrior priests. I think I have plenty of suit wearers. I really just need more of the novice types. Will keep working away at it.

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