Swordfish pt. 2: the hatred continues


MSD Swordfish finished.  They were a walk in the park compared with the ROS Heroics planes

In my last post, I shared my struggles to assemble 1/300 Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers by MSD miniatures and ROS/Heroics.

I finished the MSD planes.  It’s official, they are done.  Did my best to paint them sort of like they may have appeared in 1941.  I didn’t give them a yellow stripe around their fuselage roundel.  I just wanted them to be done. Paint scheme was Vallejo Neutral Gray with Military Green on upper surfaces.  Vallejo Silvergrey on lower surfaces.  They were not fun, but the most important thing is they are done.


Three ROS/Heroics Swordfish in the foreground.  I am in the initial stages of painting them, but I hope to have them ready to go for Saturday’s playtest with Dave.

The ROS planes are a dreadful, wretched, horrible pain in the ass. Dealing with the wing struts is awful, but no problem at all compared to the wholly inadequate, incorrect, wretched and vile landing gear.  I am certain before this is all over they will have one, two or no landing gear.  It’s a matter of horrible model design and there is simply no excuse for it.

The good news is they are all more or less assembled and I’ve begun painting the last of them.  It’s too bad, because I really enjoy working with planes, but I don’t think I’ll be building many biplanes in the future.

Lots of great stuff I’d like to be painting.  But I still have the Swordfish to finish, and then it’s on to my last couple of hydroplanes. After that it’s Spanish swordsmen for Quetzacoatl Rampant, and then maybe a break for some ACW ships–big ones with masts.  Not until after Enflilade, however.

Music to Paint By

ArgybargyThe 80’s are a decade I largely ignored.  I was poor, raising kids, and stuck in my classic rock, so with a few exceptions–say what I liked on MTV, which was free–I didn’t pay a lot of attention to popular music.  A band I’ve really come to appreciate is the British band Squeeze. I’ve listened to bits of their new wave tinged pop on the radio and Spotify, and decided I needed some in my collection. I picked up the 1980 LP Argybargy during my trip to Los Angeles. It is energetic pop, with wonderfully literate lyrics.  My favorite song on the record is “Pulling Mussels From a Shell,” but the album is full of smart, sensible songs like “Another Nail in My Heart,” “Separate Beds,” and “If I Didn’t Love You.”  Squeeze had a pretty long career, their records are pretty inexpensive, and there are some really good ones that can be had for five bucks or less. Definitely worth a listen.

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