Good-bye 2015, hello 2016

2015 was a weird year in my gaming life.  It was a year in which I was less committed to the hobby.  It was one in which miniature wargaming was less joyful.  I’m not sure I can explain why, probably because I can’t put my finger on it.  I think it was the aftermath of my illness, plus the addition of a competing interest.  In any case, I can honestly say I feel like I’m back even if making time for actual games remains a challenge.

Expect some changes in the blog for the coming new year.

  • I’ve given up trying to track my painting for the year.  Suffice to say that at the present time I paint pretty regularly and buy very little. Part of that is because my record addiction has sucked up most of my funds, but honestly when it comes down to it, I need very little to continue working on my projects.  Like all-okay almost all my readers-I’ve stockpiled enormous quantities of unpainted lead I just need to paint. I’ll keep painting and you’ll see what it is I’ve painted.
  • I made 38 posts in 2015.  That’s more than the 22 posts I made in 2014.  Shockingly, I had 6,800 page views and honestly I can’t believe the number of visitors that come to this blog.  I can’t thank you enough for your curiosity, your loyalty and support. Every blogger wants his work read, but honestly this is overwhelming and humbling. But this is one of those cases of too much is not enough.  I haven’t kept a regular publishing schedule, I had several big gaps between posts and my goal this year is to post weekly if not more frequently.  So 52 posts is my goal for 2016. Whether it’s a new set of rules, a game I’ve dabbled in, or just work in progress, I’ll plan to share.
  • One of the things that has really given me pleasure is combining two of my most consuming interests: records and wargaming.  I will continue the regular feature “Music to Paint By” with the majority of my posts.  Sometimes the music will be familiar, sometimes more esoteric, but I enjoy sharing, so hopefully you’ll enjoy reading.

2016 will offer some opportunities to continue with many of my long time interests.

  • I have a lot of American Revolution figures for both sides left to paint.  It’s a period I really enjoy painting.  There are still the Perry Welsh Fusiliers and Lee’s Legion.  I have a complete unit of British Grenadiers by Front Rank.  I have the second battalion of the 71st Highlanders and the Von Bose Regiment by Old Glory.  It’s a period I love, but, sadly I haven’t pulled them out to game with them in at least three years.  I hope to maybe give Jim Purkey’s Fife and Drum rules a try, which are a bit easier to teach neophytes than Regimental Fire and Fury.  Anyway I hope to get at least one game in.
  • I started painting some French men at arms for the Hundred Years War in November and just couldn’t go on.  I had to pack them away.  I’m sure I’ll continue tinkering.  Still want to continue with my Fire and Fury variant, which had its first go in October. With the Perry’s coming out with plastic men-at-arms and foot figures for the period, I’m sure I’ll be in on the goodies.
  • ACW Naval has been such a pleasure to paint. With the future of Bay Area Yards uncertain, I’m sure I’ll be sending some cash off to Thoroughbred Miniatures to fill out my fleets, particularly the Union vessels.  I’ve been away from these too long, and they just mean too much to me. Ironclads, Sail and Steam Navies, and I’ll probably snag a copy of Iron and Fire by David Manley in the near future.
  • My Irish Civil War figures are sitting on my painting table waiting for some attention.  I’ve even found an acceptable (and free) set of rules called Like Cricket, But With Guns, it simply requires me to paint some stuff, design a scenario and play with all of it. Hopefully that will happen after all the planes are done.
  • Today I received my Dragon Rampant rules in the mail, and I haven’t even cracked them yet.  But the Riders of Rohan have always been one of my favorite peoples of literature and I have many of them to paint from the GW Lord of the Rings range.  I now see some incentive.

So lots to do, always lots to do.  Be sure to check out my friends’ blogs–Dave Schueler’s Naval Gazing, David Sullivan’s I Live With Cats, and Dean Motoyama’s WAB Corner, and Doug Hamm’s Dots of Paint.  All interesting, different from one another and worth your time.


Wanna Be a Star

Music to Paint To: Chilliwack is a band that enjoyed some popularity in the 70’s and 80’s.  A band from the Vancouver, B.C. area, and named from a Vancouver suburb, I saw a lot of their records as cut-outs during the glory days of Peaches and Tower Records.  Never listened to their stuff though.  Yesterday I spent a very enjoyable day with Pat and we went on a big adventure to Georgetown Records and then off to Henry’s near Safeco Field for lunch. I insisted we play a little game at the record store.  I agreed to pay for a choice for each of us from their tasty bargain bin of $3.00 records.  It had to be something not in either of our collections and we’d take it back to Pat’s house and give it a listen.  I chose 1981’s Wanna Be A Star by Chilliwack.  The title track is great, the rest is interesting and listenable.  Apparently this record is Chilliwack’s best.  It certainly has some elements of Supertramp in there without the amazing keyboards, but a typical not too bad power trio from the period.  Definitely worth at least three dollars and will proudly grace a shelf in my collection–at least until I need the space.

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