Maybe Nostalgia is Getting the Best of Me

I got the e-mail from the Enfilade honchos this morning that the first of the year is just around the corner.  Time to start thinking about games for the convention.  That’s never a problem for me.  I’m always thinking about games for the convention.

In fact, pretty much everything I’ve posted about working on recently is Enfilade-related.  New hydroplanes? Friday night’s game.  The Selma?  The Ironclads game.  In fact today I sent in my first figure order since February–a couple more ships will be on the way for the Ironclads game.

In fact  Ironclads is causing me a bit of heartburn at the moment.  I have a plan for the game–know almost exactly what I want to do and the ships involved.  It’s just that it is an Ironclads game and I’m not sure how many players will love it as much as I do.  It should be fun and different, but as with all Ironclads games, lots of shooting, lots of hits to adjudicate and lots of sitting around and waiting.  I still love these rules.  They’ve been out of print for a very long time, but any time David and I drag them out there are always lots of takers.

On my painting table

I’m in painting table hell at the moment.  First, let me start off by sharing that I just haven’t been home much.  The newspaper was on its first deadline a couple weeks ago, That effectively eliminates painting time.  Last week it was the yearbook with evening time for grad ads.  Battle of the Band auditions–it’s just been super busy.

Lines, lines everywhere. The Weisfields is slow to paint because of the danged lining.  Trying to keep 'em straight, but not always successful.

Lines, lines everywhere. The Weisfields is slow to paint because of the danged lining. Trying to keep ’em straight, but not always successful.

I worked through the two hydroplanes and started a third–the Weisfield’s Jewelers from 1975.  Kind of an interesting boat with it’s traditional “fighter plane” tail and the horizontal airfoil above that. It would be better if had waited to mount the airfoil before painting, but I chalk that up to lessons learned.  In any case, it’s similar to Squire shop with all the lining and lettering, and I haven’t quite figured out the diamond insignia, but I will.  Got a good start, but lots left to do.

But you’ll recall that one of my other goals was to paint some more dismounted men-at-arms for the Hundred Years War.  So I’ve primed them and started working on ’em.  Not a lot to comment on, they’re just HYW dismounted men-at-arms of the French persuasion.  Two painting projects going on simultaneously.

And if that weren’t enough, I have a third.  The Ironclads adventure I blathered on about requires land fortifications and I just happen to have some. About three years ago I picked up the amazing Bay Area Yards model of Fort Jackson, defending New Orleans in 1862.  It’s a beautiful miniature, modeled by Dave Brandon.  You can see it here from Patrick Hreachmark’s New Orleans game in 2011. Fort Jackson was a star fort and the model is suitable for that fort, or any of the many star forts defending harbors in the United States.  It looks like I went a little hog wild with the artillery I mounted, Don’t know if I should feel bad about that or not. I also didn’t follow Patrick’s painting model-again, c’est la guerre. I’ve also painted up a mortar battery and brick water battery–also by Bay.

Things are proceeding apace.  There’s always something to do.

Music worth listening to

Imaginos was Blue Oyster Cult's last major release. It is quite good.

Imaginos was Blue Oyster Cult’s last major release. It is quite good.

When I was a junior in college I listened to my first Blue Oyster Cult record.  It was Agents of Fortune, and “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper” was a big hit.  It was the hardest music I’d ever listened to before, though today it seems pretty tame and power-popish. BOC had a long recording career, though after Agents, their albums tended not to be quite as strong.  Still some interesting records followed:  Spectre Fire of Unknown Origin, still very good, Mirrors and Cultosaurus Erectus, not so much.  But one record that is often over-looked is Imaginos from 1988. It is their last major label record, and a concept album (though I haven’t listened to it quite enough to get the concept.)  It’s also a bit different.  It’s a bit heavier, fewer pop sounding tracks, but very good and still very accessible. My favorite song on the record is “Astronomy.”  If you gotta go out, go out big, and Imaginos is still a very good record.

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